Please note: Some of the content on this page was published prior to the launch of Creative Australia and references the Australia Council. Read more.

Service Charter


Creative Australia is the Australian Government’s primary arts funding, development and advisory body. 

About us

Creative Australia is the Australian Government’s arts funding, development and advisory body. We support Australia’s arts through funding, strengthening and developing the arts sector. Our vision is to enrich our nation by supporting the practice and enjoyment of the arts. 


The charter tells you about:

  • our commitment to provide you with a quality service
  • how you can help us help you
  • our service standards
  • our information and services
  • how you can provide a compliment or make a complaint.


We will provide you with a quality service where we:

  • identify ourselves in all communications
  • treat you with courtesy and respect
  • address the needs of people from diverse backgrounds
  • provide advice that is consistent, accurate and impartial
  • give you clear, accurate, timely and relevant information or help you find it
  • collect, store, use and disclose your personal information only in accordance with Australian law
  • responsibly manage public monies, reduce bureaucracy and increased transparency in what we do.

How can you help us help you?

To help us help you, we ask that you:

  • tell us if you have special needs
  • let us know if you need an interpreter to use our services
  • provide us with all requested information and details in a timely manner
  • treat us with courtesy and respect
  • abide by legal requirements required to be eligible for our services.

Service standards

We are committed to deliver a service that is timely, open and accountable and responsive to your needs. Our staff are required to conduct their duties in accordance with the Australia Council Code of Conduct. If you believe that a member of our team has not been professional, please report the matter to us.

Information about our services

We hold regular regional and metropolitan public information forums to provide general information about grant applications and other funding and arts and cultural policy processes. We also provide information about our activities and services in a variety of ways:


Information about our services and application forms are available on our website

You may make email enquiries in English here.

You can apply for an Australia Council grant online.

In person

Contact details are available on this website or by calling 1800 226 912.

We can provide you with information about our services and help you lodge an application. When you contact us, if you have already made an application, we can help you more quickly if you provide a reference number for your application.

By mail

You can write to us at:

PO Box 576

Pyrmont NSW 2009



We are committed to ensuring that all clients receive fair and reasonable treatment and an efficient standard of service that is sensitive to their individual needs.

We value your feedback and we will respond as appropriate in a timely and professional manner. We also seek feedback directly and through regular client satisfaction surveys. When you provide feedback, your privacy and confidentiality will be respected and protected.

You can provide a compliment, complaint or suggestion about any aspect of the services provided by Creative Australia by:

  1. Calling directly: 1800 226 912
  2. Writing to:
    Creative Australia
    PO Box 576
    Pyrmont NSW 2009
  3. Telling any staff member:
    If you wish to make a complaint, and are unable to resolve an issue with the person you are dealing with, in the first instance please ask your Creative Australia contact for the name and contact details of their manager. The manager involved will work with you to reach resolution. If you wish to make a written complaint, please ensure it is signed and sent to the address above or emailed to

Decision review processes

Our charter is about the way we deal with you, our client. If you are not satisfied with a Creative Australia decision that affects you, you may have the right to seek a review of the decision. For more information click here.

Feedback you provide about the service you have received will not affect the consideration of your application or any other dealings you may have with us.