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Our COVID-19 response

Resilience Fund, Communiques and Australia Council first response

We announced our first Response Package to support artists, arts practitioners, arts groups and arts organisations coping with the impact of COVID-19 on 9 April 2020.

Announcements and Media

Australia Council response package

Re-imagine: What next?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the arts and cultural industries. The pandemic has illuminated pressures we were already feeling. It is bringing to light aspects of our industry many have long wanted to change, along with new issues we are now being forced to address.

Future disruptions are inevitable, and the arts and cultural industries must rapidly adjust to ensure they don’t just survive but thrive in the future.

We have heard from many artists, cultural practitioners and organisations through industry roundtables, surveys, informal conversations and focus groups. We have heard from you as you deal with and respond to the immediate crisis, and whilst you consider how to start thinking productively about the future.

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Creating Our Future: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey

Creating Our Future: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey is the fourth study in the landmark research series that explores Australians’ engagement with and attitudes towards the arts.

The National Arts Participation Survey asks how Australians are engaging with arts and creativity in our daily lives. How do Australians feel about arts and creativity? How is our arts engagement changing? Do we recognise the impacts of arts and creativity in our lives and communities? How do Australians feel about public funding for the arts?

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Creating Art Part 1: The makers’ view of pathways for First Nations theatre and dance

Creating Art Part 1: The makers’ view of pathways for First Nations theatre and dance is the latest study in a series commissioned by the Australia Council with the aim of supporting the First Nations arts sector to connect more Australians to First Nations arts experiences and grow opportunities for First Nations artists.

Conducted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the research provides vital insights that can inform the recovery and future sustainability of the First Nations arts ecology.

Based on in-depth interviews with 45 dance and theatre makers, Creating Art Part 1 explores First Nations artists’ experiences realising work; maps pathways for works; and highlights opportunities, challenges and calls to action.

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Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives – applications are now closed

$2m will be invested in sector-led initiatives to support the recovery of Australia’s cultural and creative industries.

The Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives fund is offered in acknowledgement of the significant forces of change and evolution facing the cultural and creative industries. This investment will support the sector to re-imagine practice and operations, and test ideas and models for a more resilient, equitable and thriving future.

The Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives are a direct response to the disruptions and challenges experienced by the cultural and creative industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been informed by conversations throughout the Re-imagine: What next? consultation (September to October 2020).

Applications are now closed.

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Australia Council for the Arts submission

Select Committee on COVID-19 inquiry into the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Date: June 2020

This submission outlines:

  • the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia’s cultural and creative industries and
  • the measures taken by the Australia Council for the Arts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Join the arts and creative industries digital support Facebook group

This group was created to support the arts community in the digital space.

We are seeing incredible feats to stay connected in this time especially when there are many conversations and questions around digital solutions to sharing our content.

This is an ever-evolving group designed to empower the community.

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Survey for First Nations Music Artists

How do First Nations musicians feel about the music industry? What is working? What could be improved on in the music business in relation to their cultural practice and community responsibilities?

First Nations music plays a vital role in Australia’s music identity. At this critical time, it is essential that  the voices of First Nation musicians – custodians of the oldest musical practice in the world – are at the centre of dialogue and decision-making to ensure opportunities for the sector continue to grow and thrive, so the next generation can participate in a cultural future.

The results of the Survey of First Nations Music Artists provide much needed insights into the strengths, challenges and needs of the sector. The responses gathered can provide insights to inform the music industry as it recovers, rebuilds and looks to the future – a future in which First Nations talent and artistry is nurtured, celebrated and central in the music industry and Australia’s culture.

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