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Recipients of our co-investment opportunities

Lady Mollie Askin Ballet Scholarship


Milei Lee

Previous recipients

2018 Lania Atkins
2014 Josie Frick, Isobelle Dashwood, Cameron McCormack
2012 James Lyttle, Courtney Macmillian, Vanessa Morelli, Christiano Martino
2010 No Award
2008 Jessica Fyfe


Lincoln Sharp


2004 Connor Dowling
1998 Daryl Brandwood
1996 Paul Knobloh


Sir Robert William Askin Opera Scholarship


Daniel Carison

Previous recipients

2018 Paull-Anthony Keightley
2012 Luke Stoker, Morgan Pearse, Richard Symons
2010 Alexander Lewis, Morgan Pearse, Russell Harcourt
2008 Derek Wilton
2006 David Hansen


Stephen Marsh


2004 Andrew Goodwin
2002 Shannon Foley
2000 Angus Woods
1998 John Cummins


Dal Stivens Award


Jumaana Abdu


Patrick Kankanange Gunasekera, WA



Jonathan Dunk



Kathleen Mitchell Award


Dylin Hardcastle A Language of Limbs


Sophie Overett, The Rabbits

Previous recipients

2016-18 no award
2014 Majok Tulba, Beneath the Darkening Sky
2012 Melanie Joosten, Berlin Syndrome
2010 Nam Le, The Boat
2008 Randa Abdel-Fattah, Ten things i hate about me
2006 Markus Zusak, The Book Thief


Holden Sheppard, Invisible Boys

2004 Lucy Lehmann, The Showgirl and the Brumby
2002 no award
2000 Julia Leigh, The Hunter
1998 James Bradley, Wrack
1996 Sonya Hartnett, Sleeping Dogs (inaugural award)


Marten Bequest Scholarships

The Marten Bequest Scholarships have been granting young Australian creatives the additional funding they need since 1975, to undergo relevant training/educational programs in their chosen careers.

Perpetual, trustee of the Marten Bequest Scholarships, congratulates all winners past and present who all showed ability and promise in their relevant fields.


Eliza Scott – Acting
Dylan Phillips – Ballet
Victor Arul – Instrumental Music
Jessie Nash – Painting
Emily Stewart – Poetry
Rafeif Ismail Prose
Jeremy Boulton – Singing


Patrick Livesey – Acting
Jed Long – Architecture
Laura Griffiths – Ballet
Ida Lawrence – Painting
Dzenana Vucic – Prose
Kai Wasikowski – Sculpture
Natalie Dietz – Singing


Aki Nakagawa, Acting
Georgia Saxelby, Sculpture
Fotini Stefanou, Singing
James Rushford, Instrumental Music
Lauren Aimee Curtis, Prose
Jordan Micallef, Ballet
Abdul Abdullah, Painting


Marshall Stay, Acting
Noah Benzie-Drayton, Ballet
Isobel Roberts-Orr, Poetry
Oliver Mol, Prose
Laura Woollett, Prose
Amy Evans, Architecture


Eleanor Peres, Architecture
Jemila MacEwan, Sculpture
Madison Bycroft, Sculpture
Chloe Smith, Instrumental Music
Joseph Franklin, Instrumental Music
Sarah Prestwidge, Singing



Renae Shadler, Acting
Anna Maskiell, Architecture
Sydney Merrilees, Ballet
Gemma Lee, Instrumental Music


Ellena Savage, Prose
Danae Valenza, Sculpture
Brenton Spiteri, Singing



Jacinta Yelland, Acting
Brayden Gallucci, Ballet
Bridget O’Donnell, Instrumental Music
Jahnne Pasco-White, Painting


Tamryn Bennett, Poetry
Jessica Friedmann, Prose
Lauren Burrow, Sculpture



Mish Grigor, Acting
Nikhila Madabhushi, Architecture
Harrison Lee, Ballet
Ross McHenry, Kathryn McKay, Instrumental
Sam Holt, Painting


Caitlin Maling, Poetry
Rebecca Slater, Scott McCulloch, Prose
Marian Tubbs, Sculpture
Elizabeth Lewis, Alasdair Kent, Singing



Eryn Jean Norvill, Acting
Duncan Ragg, Acting
Nikki Shiels, Acting
Josh Price, Acting
Nicole Shostak, Acting
Ildiko Susany, Acting
Samuel Quinteros, Painting
Tara Marynowsky, Painting
Emily Hunt, Painting
Marc Freeman , Painting
Hayley Megan French , Painting
Sean Crossley, Painting


Alice Couttoupes, Sculpture
Marley Dawson, Sculpture
Adelle Mills, Sculpture
Paul Yore , Sculpture
Damien Butler, Sculpture
Tully Arnot, Sculpture
Alexandra Flood, Singing
Corinne Cowling, Singing
Elly Holt, Singing
Maximilian Riebl, Singing
Hannah Dahlenburg, Singing



William Harvey-Jones, Architecture
Charlotte Algie, Architecture
James Thomas Barclay, Architecture
Candy Royalle, Poetry
Jessica Wilkinson, Poetry
Elizabeth Campbell, Poetry
Laura Jean Mckay, Prose


Tom Lee, Prose
Ender Baskan, Prose
Man Chung (Nicholas) Young, Instrumental Music
Emily Sun, Instrumental Music
Rosie Gallagher, Instrumental Music
Samuel Pereira, Ballet
Olivia Paine, Ballet
Belle Beasley, Ballet



Johnny Carr, Acting
Kate Sherman, Acting
Matilda Ridgway, Acting
Gabriella Hirst, Painting
Nathan Hawkes, Painting
Tully Moore, Painting


Christopher Hanrahan, Sculpture
Kate Scardifield, Sculpture
Patrick Foster, Sculpture
Bryony Dwyer, Singing
Lauren Easton, Singing




Michael Barraclough, Architecture
Aeden Pittendreigh, Ballet
Aura Go, Instrumental Music


Michelle Dicinoski, Poetry
Christopher Currie, Prose



Arianwen Parkes Lockwood, Acting
Julian Curtis, Acting
Kelly Paterniti, Acting


James Drinkwater, Painting
Sarah Contos, Sculpture
Valda Wilson, Singing



Peter Campbell, Acting
Sally Davis, Acting
Jaime Mears, Acting
Pei-Jee Ng, Instrumental Music
Pei-Sian Ng, Instrumental Music
Guy Spielman, Instrumental Music
James Polack, Instrumental Music
Michelle Gearin, Painting
Michelle Ussher, Painting
Emily Fitzgerald, Painting


Bonny Cassidy, Poetry
Simon West, Poetry
Sarah Holland-Batt, Poetry
Jack Cox, Prose
Anthony Levin, Prose
Katherine Battersby, Prose
Natalie Aroyan, Singing
Andrew Finden, Singing
Anna Whitehead, Singing



Marissa Looby, Architecture
Daniel Kumnick, Architecture
Holly-Jane Lister, Ballet
Alexandra Stewart, Ballet
Adam Herd, Instrumental Music
Simon Powis, Instrumental Music
Martin Smith, Instrumental Music


Clare Thackway, Painting
Melita Oram, Painting
Michaela Gleave, Sculpture
Rebecca Delange, Sculpture
Suzanne Shakespeare, Singing
Brett Carter, Singing



Anya Beyersdorf, Acting
Adriano Cappellatta, Acting
Scott Borg, Instrumental Music
Benjamin Kopp, Instrumental Music
Emma Cummings, Painting
William Mackinnon, Painting


Lachlan Brown, Poetry
Jaya Savige, Poetry
Katrina Schwarz, Prose
Damien Pass, Singing
Sally Wilson, Singing



Scott Hawken, Architecture
Christine Outram, Architecture
David Johnathan, Ballet
Nicki Moffatt, Ballet
Ben Carey, Instrumental Music
Alexandra Osborne, Instrumental Music
Martin Smith, Instrumental Music


Anthony White, Painting
Craig Waddell, Painting
Rachael Fuller, Sculpture
Abi Alice, Sculpture
Russell Harcourt, Singing
Derek Welton, Singing



Kellie Jones, Acting
Emma Jackson, Acting
Dianna Gaetjens, Instrumental Music
Pei-Jee Ng, Instrumental Music
Pei-Sian Ng, Instrumental Music
Nathan Taylor, Painting


Stephanie Smiedt, Painting
Matthew Abbott, Poetry
Christine Balint, Prose
Rachael Quigley, Prose
Elena Xanthoudakis, Singing
Celeste Lazarenko, Singing



Celia Carroll, Architecture
David Pigram, Architecture
Nicholas Cunningham, Ballet
Elise Farrar, Ballet
Jacam Mavricks, Instrumental Music
Sophie Rowell, Instrumental Music


Edward Wright, Painting
Shonah Trescott, Painting
Sara Morawetz, Sculpture
Lara O’Reilly, Sculpture
Andrew Goodwin, Singing
David Hansen, Singing



Rachael Coopes, Acting
Paul Hankinson, Instrumental Music
Tristram Williams, Instrumental Music
Adrian Doyle, Painting


Michael Brennan, Poetry
Mireille Juchau, Prose
Celeste Lazarenko, Singing




Shannon Truloff, Architecture
Amber Darlrymple, Ballet
Mark Gaydon, Instrumental Music
Erin Helyard, Instrumental Music


Celeste Chandler, Painting
Jan Gulembiewski, Sculpture
Lisa Anne Robinson, Singing




Miranda Nation, Acting
Emma Sholl, Instrumental Music
Michael Kutschbach, Painting


Judith Bishop, Poetry
Suneeta Peres da Costa, Prose
Martene Grimson, Singing



Angelique Edmonds, Architecture
Julia Gillespie, Ballet
Jessica Sun Butcher, Instrumental Music
Matthew Coleman, Instrumental Music


Sallie Moffatt, Painting
Stephen Garret, Sculpture
Christopher Field, Singing




Joseph Clements, Acting
Andrew Bain, Instrumental Music
Pip Haydon, Painting


Peter Minter, Poetry
Julia Leigh, Prose
Adrian Dwyer, Singing



Anita Ashtonlomax, Architecture
Gabrielle Nankivell, Ballet
Asmira Woodward-Page , Instrumental Music


Daniel Argyle, Painting
Linda Dennis, Sculpture
Amelia Farrugia, Singing



David Williams, Acting
Philip Arkinstall, Instrumental Music
MTC Cronin, Poetry


Delia Falconer, Prose
Francisco Romero, Singing



Challis Smedley, Architecture
Paul Knobloch, Ballet
Mark Kruger, Instrumental Music


Rachel Ellis, Painting
Perdita Phillips, Sculpture
Michael Terry, Singing



Adam Kronenberg, Acting
Benjamin Martin, Instrumental Music
Jane Bennett, Painting


Lisa Jacobson, Poetry
Barbara Wels, Prose
Kirsten Boerema, Singing



Rachel Doherty, Architecture
Clemens Leske, Instrumental Music
Carl Sutherland, Painting


Pamela Miller, Sculpture
Philippa Grummet, Singing



Andrea Moor, Acting
Justine-Marie Brierley, Ballet


Brian John Hawke, Poetry
Christopher Cyrill, Prose



Adam Kronenberg, Acting
Sheona Thomson, Architecture
Katie Black, Instrumental Music


Robert Clinch, Painting
Alison Humphreys, Sculpture
Lindsay Gaffney, Singing



Susan Lyons, Acting
Terri-Lee Milne, Ballet


Phillip Hodgins, Poetry
Liam Davison, Prose



Genevieve Lilley, Architecture
Nicholas Milton, Instrumental Music
Margaret Snowden, Painting


Laren Berkowitz, Sculpture
Stephen Bennett, Singing



Alan Knoepfler, Acting
Gideon Obarzanek, Ballet


Christopher Andrews, Poetry
Gillian Mears, Prose



Pollyxenia Joannou, Painting


Bronwyn Oliver, Sculpture



Brandon Burke, Acting
Conal Fitzpatrick, Poetry


Timothy Winton, Prose



Stanton Welch, Ballet


Wendy Sharpe, Painting



Christopher Wrench, Instrumental Music
Roxanne Hislop, Singing


Rebecca Gregg, Ballet



Anthony Mainaty, Prose
Jennifer Mackenzie, Poetry


Robyn Warwick, Acting
Michael Anderson, Architecture



John Armstrong, Sculpture
Georgina Holliday, Painting


Michael Anderson, Architecture



Mitchell Anderson, Instrumental Music
Henry Pritchett, Singing


Gary Lester, Ballet



George Papaellings, Prose
Robert Gray, Poetry


Marcia Gardner, Acting



G.C Penny, Sculpture
M Croft, Painting


M Lochhead, Architecture




Stephen Lloyd, Instrumental Music
Barbara Tree, Singing


Hilary Crampton, Ballet