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Corporate Plan


In August 2019, the Council introduced our new five-year strategy Creativity Connects Us through our corporate plan. The Corporate Plan 2023–27 covers activity for the 2022–23 period and includes activity for the next four years to 2027.

Our strategy continues our long term commitment to enabling artists and cultural organisations to expand their reach to audiences while realising their creative potential, and our commitment to First Nations arts and cultures. It includes emphases on access and equity, advocacy for the vital role of arts and culture, and investing in arts and creativity that reflects and connects the many communities that make up contemporary Australia.

Our vision

Creativity Connects Us

Creativity is innate to humanity and is the wellspring of culture. We are all connected through arts and creativity.

Our arts are vital expressions of human experience. They embody individual and collective stories, histories, identities and help us understand what it means to be human. They connect us to our past and imagine our future.

Our First Nations cultures connect us to over 75,000 years of living culture and knowledge and the country on which we live.

The shared stories of millions of diverse peoples who now call Australia home promote mutual understanding and respect and connect us to a global community.

The technologies of the fourth industrial revolution are transforming and disrupting industries, economies, and how we interact with our world and each other.

In this digital world, connectivity and creativity are more important than ever – to our wellbeing, our future growth and prosperity.


Our Strategic Objectives

The Council’s performance aligns to five strategic objectives:

  • Australians are transformed by arts and creativity
  • Our arts reflect us
  • First Nations arts and culture are cherished
  • Arts and creativity are thriving
  • Arts and creativity are valued.


Corporate Plan 2021-25 (PDF) (RTF)

Corporate Plan 2020-24 (PDF) (RTF)

Corporate Plan 2019-23 (PDF) (RTF)

Corporate Plan 2018-22 (PDF 1.2 MB) (RTF 139 KB)

Corporate Plan 2017-21 (PDF 1.3 MB)

Corporate Plan 2016-20 (PDF 2.7 MB) (RTF 184 KB)

Corporate Plan 2015-19 (PDF 1.9 MB) (RTF 368 KB)

Strategic Plan 2014-19 (PDF 1.2 MB) (RTF 437 KB)