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Arts Nation: An overview of Australian Arts

Mar 04, 2015


This report was published in 2015 to provide evidence as a catalyst for informed discussion about arts and culture in Australia. It was intended to be an evolving report which filled a critical gap by creating and interpreting a set of national indicators to increase our understanding of the Australian arts industry.

In 2017 Arts Nation became an interactive web presenceexpanding the work of the original publication and presenting the full range of Australia Council research in an interactive and accessible format.

What is in the report?

This report delivered a selected set of initial indicators that enrich the existing evidence base for the arts. It built on key data collections and research undertaken by over 100 arts and research organisations across Australia.
Eight leaders from across the arts sector shared their personal experiences and insights for Talking Points articles on the topics of Diversity and International.
The report also includes analysis on the arts and subjective wellbeing to measure the impact of the arts on personal satisfaction levels and more broadly on society.

What is in the Technical Appendix?

The Technical Appendix provides further information about the underlying methodology, data and trends of the Arts Nation indicators and measures. It includes data tables and sources. It also provides additional contextual information on similar measures internationally or in different sectors.


It isn’t possible for as many people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get to the theatre as it should be…[but] there are things that can be done and we need to concentrate more on them.

Janet Holmes à Court
Chair of the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra and Founding Patron of Black Swan Theatre Company