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Born Global: Australian music exports

Jul 11, 2019


This project investigates the cultural and economic value of Australian music exports. It is the first methodological study of how Australian artists are developed internationally through government and industry programs. Assessing the effects of globalisation and digitisation in the creation of Australian music exports, the project aims to identify strategies for improving exposure in the changing international landscape. It will assess cultural and economic value, consider trends and changes resulting from inclusion of new media technologies and provide insight into the growth of local markets within a globalised context.

Key Insights

  • Australian music exports are increasing and delivering substantial economic and  cultural benefits to the nation.
  • Australian music exporters are entrepreneurial, able to straddle artistic and business realms, and to adapt and thrive in a changing environment.
  • Government and industry provide crucial support for export activities.
  • Exports can provide vital income to artists. There is an opportunity to support more artists to develop their capacity to generate export income.
  • A growing number of countries around the world are recognising the value of music exports, and are evolving strategies to maximise their success.

Administering organisation

The University of Newcastle


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Partner organisations

Monash University
Australia Council for the Arts