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Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) 2024

The Pacific’s largest regional cultural gathering of First Nations Peoples and one of the largest cultural gatherings in the world.

About FestPAC

The Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) is the Pacific’s largest regional cultural gathering of First Nations Peoples and one of the largest cultural gatherings in the world, bringing together artists, cultural practitioners, scholars, and officials from the 28 member nations of the Pacific Community.

The 13th FestPAC in Hawaiʻi (6-16 June 2024) is guided by foundational values of preservation and revival, exploration, awareness, unity and Indigenous languages, and will feature live performances, cultural workshops, hands-on demonstrations, film, storytelling and more, exemplifying the diversity of traditional and contemporary arts and culture across the Pacific.

The event will also underscore the urgent issues facing the Pacific region – from rising sea levels, climate change, sustainability, and the death of coral reefs to widening social inequality – as a way to illuminate our path toward the future.

The festival theme, Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania is an intention and commitment for each of us to engage in thoughtful actions, small and big, to inspire and enrich our homelands and peoples.

Australia’s artistic program will respond to the festival theme of Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania, and will be representative of the richness and diversity of Australia’s First Nations Arts and Cultural practices and regions.

2024 FestPAC team

Head of Artistic Delegation Franchesca Cubillo

Head of Operations Joanne Brown

Production Team
Artistic Director Rhoda Roberts AO, Production Manager Vanessa Hutchins, Associate Project Manager Dr Eliorah Malifa, Associate Project Manager (January 2023 – March 2024) Celia Coulthard, Technical Support Will Kepa

Support Team
Project Officer Michelle Wong, Tour Manager Kamahi King, Tour Manager and First Aid Tammy Close, Delegation Support Anastasia Charles, Delegation Support Tahjee Moar


Meet the delegation

Production Team

Rhoda Roberts AO – Artistic Director

Vanessa Hutchins – Production Manager

Dr Eliorah Malifa – Associate Project Manager

Will Kepa – Technical Support


Arpaka Dance Company (TSI – Moa)

Benjamin Warlngundu Ellis Bayliss (NT)

Nornie Bero (TSI – Meriam)

Constantina Bush (NT)

Carclew Youth Arts (SA)

Sonja, Elisa Jane and Freja Carmichael (QLD)


Paul Girrawah House (ACT)

Injalak Arts and Crafts (NT) 

Jannawi Dance Clan (NSW)

MozZiXInkatja – New Moon (SA)

Muggera Cultural Enterprise (QLD)

Our Islands Our Home (TSI)

Stephen and Chase Pigram (WA)

Youth Ambassadors Program – Rulla Kelly Mansell (TAS)

Youth Ambassadors Program – Siena Stubbs (NT)

Zoe Rimmer (TAS)

Australian delegation logo design

The delegation’s logo was designed by South West Aboriginal Noongar, Yamatji and Baiyungu Artist, Korrine Bennell-Yarran from Karrak Designs.

Three circles signify the elements of land, sea and air and how we connect as First Nations peoples.

Waves are about the depths of the ocean that surround us, and the motion of ripples signify movement.

The animals all thrive in our elements, particularly, the sea turtle which connects us all in Oceania.