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ARC Linkage: iLetter: Reformulating war memory as a dialogical interactive narrative

Jul 01, 2013
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Adopting a visual storytelling approach, this project explored the creation of an interactive archive of war memory. Veterans and their families had the opportunity to depict their personal and collective experience of the Afghanistan conflict in a way that made it accessible to a broad internet and cinematic public. This unique approach to representing the experience of war is particularly relevant in a context where the representation of war is based on daily interactions mediated by digital technologies rather than the more tangible letters of the past.



Visualisation technology was used to explore ways to communicate and understand collective experiences. Interactive narrative and immersive visualisation systems supported the veterans to actively compose memory in dialogue with each other and online databases. This allowed them to be active authors working with multi-dimensional data to provide a rich archive of war experience.

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Retrospect: War, Family, Afghanistan exhibition

Launched on Remembrance Day 2016, the Retrospect interactive exhibition at the Melbourne Museum allowed viewers to explore the experience of veterans and their families using artificial intelligence and 360-degree 3D cinema.


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Department of Veterans’ Affairs
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