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International Arts Tourism – Interactive Dashboards

Nov 18, 2018

International Arts Tourism: Connecting Cultures brings together data from Tourism Research Australia (TRA) with additional resources to gain insights into international arts tourism in Australia.

Arts experiences play an important and growing role in international tourism to Australia. They engage international visitors with the uniqueness, depth and diversity of Australian culture, support local economies and share Australian stories and perspectives with the world.

The interactive dashboards below allows users to compare arts tourists to overall tourists and explore the data by regions, state/territories and activities.

International tourist trends by visitor’s country of origin

Explore the annual trends in number and proportion of arts tourists from different countries below.


Proportion of international visitors to state/territory by country of origin

Explore international tourist trends by state/territory visited and country of origin.


International tourist trends by state/territory visited

Explore the annual trends in number and proportion of arts tourists visiting states and territories.


International tourists by metropolitan and regional areas.

Explore the annual trends for metropolitan and regional areas within each state and territory.


International tourists participation in selected activities, 2017

Explore data on international tourists participation in selected activities by age group and gender.