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ARC Linkage: Making Music work: Sustainable Portfolio Careers for Australian Musicians

Jul 01, 2020


The Australian study Making Music Work: Sustainable Portfolio Careers for Australian Musicians (2016-2019) explored the conditions and strategies needed for musicians to sustain successful portfolio careers.

The vast majority of Australian musicians undertake a portfolio career which encompasses a variety of concurrent and often impermanent roles. While this is not a new phenomenon, major shifts in how music is made, paid for and consumed, as well as a changing commercial, funding, educational and policy landscape, all impact how musicians currently develop and sustain their careers.

Making Music Work sought to provide a more nuanced and granular understanding of these key sector dynamics and how musicians navigate them. The study included a national survey of 592 musicians and 11 in-depth interviews with a diverse

group of musicians.


The project drew on data collected through a nation-wide survey of 1,000 musicians, as well as building a more detailed picture through 12 in-depth case studies with musicians navigating portfolio careers. Interpretation of the data was guided in multiple ways including through cluster analysis and multiple regression analysis.

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Griffith University

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Curtin University
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Create NSW
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