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On Board: Serving on the Boards of an Arts Organisation

Dec 01, 2008


Effective governance is one of the most important aspects of running a successful arts organisation. But what makes a great board? What are a board’s responsibilities? And how do you attract terrific board members? On Board is a short, easy-to-read guide to the basics of governance for arts organisations. It provides brief notes and checklists on a range of aspects of a board’s operations, including legal and financial responsibilities, the relationship with the CEO, strategic and financial planning, and recruitment and induction of members. It’s a useful resource for those serving on boards and for staff of arts organisations who work closely with their chairs and board members. On Board is written by David Fishel, one of Australia’s foremost writers on governance for not-for-profit organisations. The booklet is an accompaniment to The Book of the Board: Effective Governance for Non-Profit Organisations 2nd edition by David Fishel (Federation Press, 2008), which provides more detail on these and other topics of concern to board members and staff of non-profit organisations.