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Application Feedback

In March 2020, the Australia Council suspended its grants program to allow it focus on responding to the COVID-19 crisis faced by our artists and arts organisations.

Simultaneously, Council announced a Resilience Fund of approximately $5M for artists and arts organisations to support their livelihoods, practice and operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us if you wish to discuss making an application to the Resilience Fund.

The COVID-19 crisis necessitated that we suspend our face to face peer assessment meetings for the February 2020 closing date. As a consequence, there is no panel-agreed feedback on individual applications collected for this round. You can find the general feedback collected for each panel and grant category below.

The success rate for the February closing date was 16%.

How applications are assessed

  • Applications were processed by Australia Council staff and a preliminary eligibility check was conducted.
  • A panel of peer assessors (people with knowledge and expertise in the relevant arts practice area) was convened.
  • The assessors reviewed the applications and support material, scored each application against the assessment criteria for the grant category, and recommended which applications to fund.
  • These scores and recommendations were collated to create a final ranking of applications.
  • The Australia Council applied the available budget to the ranked order of applications.

More information on the peer assessment process is available on our website here.


Download the assessment panel’s feedback by clicking on the following links: