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CEO Digital Mentoring Program

The Australia Council is partnering with ACMI to deliver the CEO Digital Mentoring Program; an opportunity for senior arts executives to be mentored by leading digital strategists.

Installation view, Story of the Moving Image, ACMI. Photograph: Adam Gibson

About the program

ACMI, in conjunction with the Australia Council will run a second round of the CEO Digital Mentoring Program for creative industries leaders. An initiative for strategic technology and digital mentoring for cultural organisations.

Supported by the Ian Potter Foundation, the program aims to improve the internal ability for cultural institutions and organisations to make better long term technology choices, understand a rapidly and continually changing digital environment, be better able to select and work with technology providers, as well as collaborate with and develop artists and creative practitioners who are also working through this period of exponential change.

The top-down approach – mentoring CEOs and Directors – is aimed at complimenting many existing middle and bottom up initiatives and is intended to support wider scale cultural sector change, complimenting work in transforming organisations to be able to respond to broader and more diverse communities, audiences, and the volatile world.

The second round of the program will continue building the digital mindsets of the senior decision-making staff and creating a sustainable network of peers within the cultural sector and across artforms and practices.

In partnership with

This opportunity is open to CEOs and senior arts executives in arts organisations in Australia.

Applicants must be available to attend the in-person sessions and online mentoring sessions.

Each mentee will receive six, 80 minute, one-on-one mentoring sessions over four months. These sessions can be held over Zoom or a mix of in-person and remote sessions depending upon where participants are located and personal availability.

Joining the program as mentors are sector-recognised experts in technology, digital strategy, and technology-informed innovation:

  • Seb Chan
  • Paula Bray
  • Dr Keir Winesmith
  • Dr Sarah Barns
  • Stuart Buchanan
  • George Dunford
  • Ben Hoh
  • Lucie Paterson
  • Morgan Strong
  • Renae Mason
  • Jeff Williams
  • Mr Snow

Learn more about the mentors.

  • April 2022: mentors are matched to their mentee, based on organisational goals and alignment
  • 18­–19 May 2022: ACMI hosts a two-day workshop in person for participants (mentors and mentees) in Melbourne
  • May – September 2022: 6 x one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • September 2022: Closing workshop in person for participants.

The program will begin with a two-day kick off workshop with all other mentees and mentors at ACMI in Melbourne. This workshop will include guest speakers from adjacent fields as well as social and cultural activities.

Frequently asked questions

ACMI is managing the assessment and delivery of this program.

Contact ACMI directly for more information on the application, assessment and delivery of this program.

This program will best suit CEO/Directors of arts organisations with at least 5 full-time-equivalent (FTE) staff, and ongoing funding. ACMI particularly encourages applications from CEOs and Directors from institutions working with First Nations people and people of culturally diverse backgrounds, as well as from individuals who identify as First Nations or belonging to culturally diverse backgrounds who are working in CEO/ Director roles.

The program discusses capital investment, infrastructure, staff capacity and training, as well as developing longer term programming/content partnerships and R&D relationships – and thus is best suited to organisations with boards where these issues are ongoing discussions.