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Createch: Digital Enterprise Program

We’re funding expert coaching in digital disruption for creative enterprises and cultural organisations, in partnership with industry leaders REMIX.

Image by Tim Cheeseman

About the program

We are collaborating with REMIX Summits to fund 20 hours of consultancy support for a cohort of creative enterprises and cultural organisations. The program will help scale an innovation project or creative business. The project must be fully-digital or hybrid.

We are seeking creative businesses and organisations with an existing track record who would benefit from consulting and support from experienced creative entrepreneurs and industry specialists.

The goal of this program is to provide access to REMIX’s consulting to give you the highest likelihood of success. Outcomes will be tailored to your needs, but may include:

  • introductions to potential investors
  • introductions to potential partners and collaborators who can help your idea grow more quickly
  • expert advice and strategic reviews to identify challenges and opportunities
  • planning for investment
  • planning your technical or product roadmap
  • global trend analysis and insights to assist your project development
  • coaching and strategic advice around the development of your project presentation

In addition to 20-hours of bespoke consulting, participants will become part of a unique peer community made up of Australia’s leading creative innovators. You will also attend REMIX Summit Perth on 14-15 September 2023 to network and exchange with peers.

You will receive digital REMIX resources, and your innovation project will be promoted globally in the special REMIX Digital Showcase, where you will be invited to give a 10-15 minute presentation introducing your work. The showcase will be cross-promoted by REMIX to help grow the audience for your innovation project.

REMIX has worked with some of the world’s greatest cultural institutions, technologists, funding bodies and creative businesses to apply its global market intelligence. It helps clients respond to disruptive new trends – redefining services, rethinking business models and creative experiences to find innovative ways to unlock additional revenue streams and engage new audiences. Clients have included Tate, the National Gallery (UK), State Library Victoria, ACMI, Melbourne Arts Precinct, Saatchi Gallery, and the Houses of Parliament (UK).

For further information and case studies please see

This opportunity is open to arts-aligned/creative industries organisations, groups and individuals.

We are seeking creative businesses, organisations and individuals based in Australia that have:

  1. A proven track record with further potential for growth and/or impact

Your project or organisation is getting traction: you can point to its positive reception and early growth or your expertise in a particular area. Now you are ready to grow it to the next level, for example through investment, introductions, strategic planning or advanced tech support.

  1. A digital or hybrid innovation that reimagines how the arts are experienced or supported

You are a disrupter with an ability to imagine new opportunities for the arts sector, whether fully digital or hybrid. Innovations may come from the use of technology, for example immersive experiences using projection or free-roam VR; or innovations offering new or improved digital access to culture (e.g., new aggregation models, new creative platforms, gamification, creator economy, hybrid online/offline experiences, new digital content, or new distribution channels). We’re also open to digital innovations that directly support the arts but don’t have a creative end product, for example, new models for creative retail, funding or networks.

Applications will be reviewed by staff and industry advisors. Your application will be based on merit, response to the selection criteria below, and in line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Your application will be assessed on the:

  • viability of the proposed project;
  • timeliness and relevance of the consulting opportunity to scale your project;
  • potential impact your project will have on the creative sector.

Learn more about how we assess your application.

​​To apply, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • ​Project title.
  • ​Project description.
  • How your project is getting traction. Describe how you have had a positive reception and early growth and why this opportunity is timely in terms of supporting the scaling of your project.
  • ​Describe how you have been a disrupter with an ability to imagine new opportunities for the arts sector, whether fully digital or hybrid.
  • ​Describe the potential impact of your project on the creative sector​.

A ‘project’ in this context can be a standalone creative enterprise or a program/business unit within a cultural organisation. It can be either for-profit or non-profit but must be digital or hybrid. It should be innovative in driving new audiences and/or revenues, and already be (or have the longer-term potential to become) financially sustainable. If it operates within a cultural organisation, at least one staff member should be assigned to the project as a component of their job function (so we have a clear lead to work with on the program).

A ‘disrupter’ is free from traditional assumptions about how creative and cultural experiences and content should look. They are the first to ask, ‘Why does it have to be done this way?’ and instead champion innovative new models and approaches. Disrupters forge their own paths, inventing bold new ways of engaging the general public with cultural content and experiences.

Some examples of potential ‘impacts’ are:

  • To set new standards for what digital and hybrid experiences look like in the creative sector
  • To create strategies, tools or platforms that other organisations could also benefit from
  • To redefine how audiences regard or engage with the creative and cultural sectors; rethinking audience demand, consumption and involvement.

CreaTech is where creativity meets technology. It brings together creative skills and emerging technologies to create new ways of engaging audiences and to inspire business growth and investment.” – Creative Industries Council UK

​​The consultancy will be delivered online.

​Participants will:

  • Receive 20-hours of bespoke consulting delivered by REMIX co-founders Peter Tullin & Simon Cronshaw.
  • Attend two online cohort workshops with other participants featuring presentations from digital innovators and disruptors

​1) Orientation Workshop: 14 August 2023

​2) Mid-Point Workshop: 28 September 2023

  • Have access to digital REMIX resources including talks and courses
  • Attend Perth REMIX on 14-15 September 2023 for a series of talks, workshops and opportunities for peer-to-peer networking
  • Receive coaching and support to develop a Digital Showcase for their project
  • Benefit from global promotion of their project via a special REMIX Digital Showcase
  • Become part of a unique peer community made up of Australia’s leading creative innovators​

Please email if you would like more information.