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Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) – Expressions of Interest

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, groups, and organisations are invited to express their interest to join the Australian Delegation in Hawai’i, 2024.

About the program

The Australia Council for the Arts is calling for expressions of interest from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, groups, and organisations are invited to express interest in joining the Australian delegation to the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) between 6 and 16 June 2024.

Expressions of interest should relate to the following FestPAC programming categories: Performing Arts; Visual Arts; Heritage Arts; Culinary Arts; Film, New Media, Fashion & Design; sharing of research and scholarly articles; arts & crafts sales and entrepreneurship; Youth Ambassadors Program; and logo design, branding and photography for the Australian delegation.

The Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) is the Pacific’s largest regional cultural gathering of First Nations Peoples and one of the largest cultural gatherings in the world, bringing together artists, cultural practitioners, scholars, and officials from the 27 member nations of the Pacific Community.

The 13th FestPAC in Hawaiʻi (6-16 June 2024) is guided by foundational values of preservation and revival, exploration, awareness, unity and Indigenous languages, and will feature live performances, cultural workshops, hands-on demonstrations, film, storytelling and more, exemplifying the diversity of traditional and contemporary arts and culture across the Pacific.

The event will also underscore the urgent issues facing the Pacific region – from rising sea levels, climate change, sustainability, and the death of coral reefs to widening social inequality – as a way to illuminate our path toward the future.

The festival theme, Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania is an intention and commitment for each of us to engage in thoughtful actions, small and big, to inspire and enrich our homelands and peoples.

Australia’s artistic program will respond to the festival theme of Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania, will be representative of the richness and diversity of Australia’s First Nations Arts and Cultural practices and regions, and include both traditional and contemporary presentations.


  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander individuals, groups and organisations
  • available to travel to Hawai’i, USA between 1 – 17 June 2024
  • a current passport valid until January 2025
  • are eligible to obtain a USA visa for travelling to Hawai’i, (see more information at US visa requirements)
  • have no current or previous criminal convictions (US entry requirements)
  • be 18 years or over at the time of festival

You cannot apply for this opportunity if:

  • you have an overdue grant report
  • you owe money to the Australia Council


Australia’s artistic program will respond to the festival theme of Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania, be representative of the richness and diversity of Australia’s First Nations Arts and Cultural practices and regions, and include both traditional and contemporary presentations.

Expressions of interest should consider the festival’s foundational values and relate to the following FestPAC programming categories as set by the host nation:

  • Performing Arts – music, dance, drama, storytelling and poetry.
  • Visual Arts – drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, architecture and photography. Artistic proposals from artists and/or artistic teams are encouraged.
  • Heritage Artsfibre and other weaving, dye preparation and traditional cloth, adornment (feather and shell work)tatau, pottery, carving (wood/stone/bone). Traditional Elders program. 
  • Culinary Arts – showcasing entire culinary process from planting and harvesting to preparation, cooking and consumption. Ceremonial and ritual foods, everyday consumption and food sovereignty.
  • Film, New Media, Fashion and Design – film screening series, moving images, full length features, documentaries, short films and animation. Fashion and adornment.
  • Conferences and Symposia – sharing of research and scholarly presentations, discussion of cultural practise, networking and collaboration opportunities. Inclusive hub of innovating thought and practice, solutions to challenges discussed. Social and emotional wellbeing discussions, traditional medicinal practice, martial arts, talks, ideas, universities and colleges.
  • Expo and Festival Marketplace – Arts & crafts for sale and entrepreneurial exhibits.
  • Youth Ambassadors Program – a program within the festival for youth (18-30 years) representatives to connect, share and collaborate with each other on projects undertaken in their home countries in the year leading into the festival.

Additional Australian delegation requirements:

  • Australian Delegation Branding – Logo and design for the Australian delegation uniforms and merchandise. EOIs should consider the festival theme and be representative of the diversity in Australian First Nations arts and culture. Textile designers are encouraged to apply.
  • Photography – an official First Nations photographer will be included in the delegation. EOIs from photographers should include examples of work and experience in the arts and culture sector and extensive understanding of First Nations Protocols but are not required to respond to the festival theme.

The Artistic Director – Australian FestPAC program, Industry Advisor and Australia Council staff – will be considering expressions of interest against the assessment criteria.

This opportunity is for existing work, new commissions will not be considered.

Under each criterion are bullet points indicating what the Assessment Panel members may consider when assessing your expressions of interest. You do not need to respond to every bullet point listed.

1. The cultural significance of presentation and/or performance

  • adherence to relevant cultural protocols
  • clear articulation of creative process
  • partnerships and/or long-term sustainability

2. The artistic and/or cultural merit

  • vision, ideas and artistic rationale
  • level of innovation, ambition, experimentation and risk-taking
  • significance of work within area of practice

3. Presentation/performance that compliments and connects to the festival theme Hoʻoulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania

  • relevance and timeliness of work
  • evidence of considered consultations and engagement with participants and communities where applicable
  • Impact of inclusion in the FestPAC program to community and sector

To apply log in here to our Application Management System (AMS) if you have an account. You can create an account if you do not already have one. Applications close 6 June 2023, 3.00pm (AEST).

  1. Select ‘Apply for a Grant’ from the left panel menu
  2. From the list of opportunities select ‘Apply for the FestPAC’
  3. Complete the fields and select answers with dropdown menus  
  4. Upload any necessary support material  
  5. Select ‘Save’ once complete  
  6. If you are not ready to submit your application you can return to it through ‘Your Draft Applications’ in the left panel menu at a later date  
  7. Otherwise select ‘Submit’  

Download the PDF version of these guidelines.

Download the accessible RTF version of these guidelines.

  • name of Artists/Group/Organisation
  • type of performance/presentation
  • details of performance/presentation
  • how does your performance or presentation align with the Festival of Pacific Arts 2024 theme
  • how many artists/performers included in your presentation or performance
  • duration of performance
  • details of cultural objects, adornments and other materials that will be required as part of your performance/ presentation including, artefacts, head dress, feathers, ochre, plant, animal and marine based materials etc
  • detailed production budget (note: all successful delegates will receive a fee and allowances to attend).
  • brief bio or curriculum vitae (CV) for artists or group and/or additional personnel involved
  • provide a list of all individuals involved in your group
  • upload as an attachment: Technical Requirements and Stage Plan including Lighting, Audio (sound) equipment and stage equipment
  • performance or presentation support material URLs (weblinks), video, audio, images and written material.

We are calling for expressions of interest for an Associate Project Manager, Artistic Director, and Production Manager for the Lead Project Team to manage and deliver the Australian delegation to the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture 2024.

Position descriptions are posted here.

To discuss your application, please contact Michelle Wong, Projects Officer on or 02 9215 9171.