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Tips And Links

There are many resources available to support international engagement, including residencies and exchanges. We encourage you to maximise your international experience by researching and networking beforehand. Artists often tell us that being prepared in advance makes for a richer international experience.

Here are some tips and ideas:

  • Look out for information sessions and webinars run by Australian and international organisations about their programs
  • Ask other artists about their international experiences, and check out our INTEL podcast series.
  • Speak to an international market adviser for information on our programs
  • Check out our list of resources below.

Res Artis

Res Artis has become the largest network of its kind, promoting the role of residential art programs as a vital part of the contemporary arts world, stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding. Res Artis is an association of over 500 centres, organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries.

The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)
IFACCA is a global network of arts councils and ministries of culture. Their purpose is to support members to succeed and be a global voice advocating for arts and culture. Resources available through IFACCA include information on government support for artist residencies and cultural policy.

Rivet is a unified search platform designed to help you find and activate opportunities to advance your creative practice.

 Alliance of Artists Communities (link: in the USA, the Alliance of Artists Communities is an international association of artists’ residencies — a diverse field of more than 1,500 programs worldwide that support artists of any discipline in the development of new creative work. The Alliance advocates on behalf of artists’ residencies and creative environments in general, to funders, policymakers, researchers, and the public.

Residency Unlimited (RU)
Based in New York, Residency Unlimited supports the creation, presentation, and dissemination of contemporary visual art through its unique residency program and year-round public programs. RU explore innovative art residency formats and fosters customised residencies to support and advance the practices of local and international artists and curators. The platform also lists global residency opportunities.

Fresh Milk Barbados
The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. is a Caribbean non-profit, artist-led, inter-disciplinary organization that supports creatives and promotes wise social, economic, and environmental stewardship through creative engagement with society and by cultivating excellence in the arts.

China Residencies
China Residencies is a not-for-profit organisation creating a directory of artist residencies in mainland China. These residency programs offer time and space to artists from all over the world to create new works. Our website provides thousands of creatives with an easy way to discover these opportunities.

Based in Japan, AIR_J is a website dedicated to disseminating information about Artist-in-Residence programs across Japan. The website provides information on AIR programs in Japan and abroad.

Arts Residency Network
The Arts Residency Network based in Taiwan is a bilingual website, funded by the Ministry of Culture. The Arts Residency Network aims to compile information on local and international artist villages and provide a platform for exchange and services for local and international artists, curators and arts and cultural institutions.

Based in Melbourne, Asialink’s Arts exchange program provides professional development opportunities for arts professionals working in and across art forms, in exchange for the sharing of skills, knowledge and networks with local host communities.

TransArtists is based in the Netherlands. The platform combines and shares expertise on international artist-in-residence programs and related issues for artists, cultural organisations and policymakers. It offers tools and services to artists, stimulating and encouraging them to make an efficient, innovative, independent “use” of what residencies offer them.

Triangle Network
Triangle is an international network of artists and arts organisations that promotes exchange of ideas and innovation within the contemporary visual arts. Through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and outreach events as well as training events and consultancies the network generates peer-to-peer learning, professional development for artists, curators and other arts professionals and the dissemination of emerging international art practices.

Pepinieres Europeennes pour Jeune Artistes
A leading program that promotes the mobility of young artists within Europe and beyond.

The European Media Art Platform (EMAP)
The European Media Art Platform (EMAP), initiated by werkleitz and co-funded by Creative Europe since 2018, is a consortium of 11 leading European media art organisations specialising in Digital and Media Art, Bio Art and Robotic Art.

Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centres
The platform brings together eight centres located in remote areas to share the experience and ideas about how to operate in the remoteness and how to interact with local communities. The network includes members in Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland that manage and host residency programs for artists.

The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation (FASF)
F provides Artist-in-Residence information for both Finnish and foreign artists.

Touring Artists
Touring Artists is based in Germany and an information portal for German artists working internationally and international artists working in Germany. The platform provides comprehensive information on visas/residence, transport/customs, taxes, social security, other insurances, and copyright.

AIR – Artist in Residence
Based in Italy the AIR network is a platform dedicated to artist residences mainly in Italy and international residencies. The portal offers information on the residences that have registered and displays news, events, and open calls.

Nordic Culture Point
Nordic Culture Point is an active cultural organisation that works with the whole of the Nordic Region as its platform and is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ organisation. Nordic Culture Point offers a database of all international art residencies in the Nordic Countries.

Flanders Arts Institute
The institute is the ideal contact point for foreign art professionals in search of information on the arts in Flanders. Their core functions include a focus on research, international activities, supporting the practice of art and policy support. The Institute collects and distributes knowledge and expertise daily about and for the arts in Flanders, in an international context.

Artist in Residence
The AIR platform promotes the cultural exchange of ideas in general, and particularly the promotion of national and international exchange of artists and/or other professionals engaged in the cultural field. The exchange of know-how and information between Swiss providers of either guest studios or studios of exchange in Switzerland.

The UK based platform helps artists to make work, sell work, find work and network, Artquest provides the information to drive creative practice and help artists thrive on some of the lowest incomes in the creative sector.  All staff are practicing visual artists. We build a bridge from student experience to sustainable working life, and throughout your professional career, giving advice, information and opportunities at any stage in their life.

On the Move (OTM)
On the Move is a cultural mobility information network with more than 35 members in over 20 countries across Europe and beyond. Their mission is to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide.

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) promotes understanding, strengthens relationships and facilitates cooperation among the people, institutions and organisations of Asia and Europe. ASEF enhances dialogue, enables exchanges and encourages collaboration across the thematic areas of culture, economy, education, governance, public health and sustainable development.

ASEF culture360 is a portal managed by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) since 2005. The platform is designed to stimulate cultural engagement and enhance mutual understanding between Asia and Europe by providing relevant information through weekly updates on news, events, opportunities, and resources.

ASEF Culture360 and On the Move publish a series of Mobility Funding Guides.   These guides provide a comprehensive list of resources on mobility, including opportunities for artists’ residencies and exchange, in Asia and Europe.

IETM is a membership organisation which exists to stimulate the quality, development, and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment. The organisation provides guidance on international artist and cultural exchange, collaboration, and mobility of artists.