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Leadership Program Alumni

2022 Future Leaders Program, Malua Bay, workshop with Jade Kennedy, Yuin Custodian and facilitator.

Participants of our Leadership Programs form an alumni network following the formal conclusion of their programs.

This network is made up of over 250 national and international leaders from across the Indo-Pacific. Find all former participants listed below.

Opportunities to continue your learning and expand your network are made possible through committees and programs, which you can stay up to date with via our bi-monthly alumni newsletter.

Please get in touch with us via for any questions about our alumni network and available opportunities.

This fund supports alumni of Australia Council and is available for projects involving two or more alumni from the Arts Leaders, Future Leaders and International Leaders program.

Proposals can be submitted at any time. Applications close twice a year and processing time is approximately eight weeks from the closing date.

An acquittal report must be submitted within 12 weeks of the completion of the project.

Read more and apply here
  • Cultural Leadership Research project: Matriarchal Leadership in the Digital Space – Annette Vieusseux, Fiona Maxwell (Arts Leaders 2019 alumni) and Kartika Jahja (Future Leaders 2018 alumni)
  • Increasing access and inclusion across the NSW music industry – Morwenna Collett and Emily Collins (Arts Leaders 2016 alumni)
  • Pace, Place and the Body: Reflecting and Reshaping Leadership – Rani Pramesti (Future Leaders 2017 alumni) and Alana Hunt (Future Leaders 2017 alumni)
  • COUNTER – NARRATIVE – Sally Richardson (Arts Leaders 2019) and Reena Dewan (Arts Leaders 2019 alumni)
  • The Aesthetics of Aging – Vikram Iyengar and Sally Blackwood (Arts Leaders 2017 alumni)
  • Leadership in Socially-Engaged Practice – Debby Maziarz and Hannah Grant (Creative Community Fellows 2019 alumni)
  • PLAYLIST: Cultural Exchange between PYT Fairfield and Bersama Project – Karen Therese (Arts Leaders 2019 alumni) and Kartika Jahja (Future Leaders 2018 alumni)
  • Live Art Curatorial Exchange – Julia Mendel and Rhine Bernadino (Future Leaders 2018 alumni)
  • Melbourne and Manila Queer Exchange – Nathan Stoneham and Andrei Nikolia Pamintuan (Future Leaders 2018 alumni)
  • Cultural diversity in contemporary Australia on the international stage podcast – Tandi Williams, Simon Abrahams, Morwenna Collett, Kate Eltham, Jade Lillie and Amy Maiden (Arts Leaders 2016 alumni)
  • Cultural diversity in contemporary Australia on the international stage in-person presentation – Tandi Williams, Simon Abrahams, Morwenna Collett, Kate Eltham, Jade Lillie and Amy Maiden (Arts Leaders 2016 alumni)
  • Reimagining the arts for young people – Helen Hristofski, Ruchira Das and Mia Maria (Arts Leaders Program 2018 alumni)
  • Older than language – Emma Porteus, Nina Miall and Jiva Parthipan (Arts Leaders Program 2018 alumni)
  • Darwin and Philippines Collaboration – Anna Weekes and Rhine Bernardino (Future Leaders 2018 alumni)
  • Women Leadership Retreat – Anna Reece (Arts Leaders 2016 alumni)
  • Stateless – Louise Bezzina, Sally Blackwood (Arts Leaders 2017 alumni), Vanessa Tomlinson and Lawrence English
  • Exchanging Soft Power across the Asia Region – Effe Soropos, Melissa Robertson, Ruchira Das, Vikram Iyengar, Menaka Rodriguez (Arts Leaders 2017 alumni)
  • Overcoming the geographical obstacles of genuine co-creation and
    – Helen Hristofski, Joanne Kee (Arts Leaders 2017 alumni) and Jay Emmanuel (Future Leaders 2019 alumni)

  • Survival kit for women arts leaders within the white colonial patriarchy – Alana Hunt, Rani Pramesti, Hannah Kothe, Courtney Tuttle and Natasha Phillips (Future Leaders 2017 alumni)


Leadership Programs Alumni

This opportunity brings together Sync Leadership alumni from Australia and Canada, to participate in an online Action Learning Project (a form of group coaching).

Designed as an exchange between Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse Sync alumni, the program will facilitate workshops and discussions about what leadership means and should look like for participants.

Applications for this opportunity have closed.

The SEC Newgate Mentoring and Stakeholder Engagement program for leadership program alumni is an opportunity that supports participants to gain skills in representing and building support for their work, organisation, community of practice and policy ambitions.

It is suited to senior and executive leaders, particularly those in CEO or senior leadership roles of medium organisation.


      • Jessica Alice
      • Tarragh Cunningham
      • Joshua Lowe
      • Kylie McRae
      • Shay Vigona-Goudge
      • Joshua Hoare


      • Emily Collins
      • Fiona Maxwell
      • Ros Abercrombie
      • Joanne Kee
      • Edwina Johnson
      • Rosie Shepherdson-Cullen
      • Jamie Lewis
      • Kate Eltham

The Australian Progress Fellowship is a five-month intensive leadership course for advocates, campaigners, activists and changemakers in Australia to create lasting systemic change.

The program offers a suite of tools, tactics, strategies, frameworks and case studies in best practice community organising and senior campaigning to take your skills to the next level and amplify your impact. Participants join four virtual retreats and 12 weekly online seminars delivered with expert speakers sharing winning case studies and national best practice.

Applications for this opportunity have closed.


      • Carl Scibberas
      • Liz Nowell
      • William Le


      • Anna Weekes
      • Tasnim Hossain
      • Joshua Lowe
      • Sara Strachan

Bethany Falzon

Alumni Committee #4: 28 February 2022 – current 

Bianca Beetson, 2017-18 Arts Leader 

Neiha Jaiswar, 2018 Future Leader 

Tamara Zimet, 2019 Future Leader 

Ruchira Das, 2017-18 Arts Leader (12-month term) 

Lachlan Snow, 2017 Future Leader (12-month term) 


Alumni Committee #3: 28 August 2021 – 28 February 2022 

Annette Vieusseux, 2019 Arts Leader (Chair) 

Ruchira Das, 2017/18 International Arts Leader 

Lachlan Snow, 2017 Future Leader 

Dan Graham, 2018 Future Leader 

Andrei Pamintuan, 2018 International Future Leader 


Alumni Committee #2: 28 February – 28 August 2021 

Morwenna Collett, 2016 Arts Leader 

Karen Therese, 2019 Arts Leader 

Rhine Bernardino, 2018 International Future Leader 

Amber Cronin, 2019 Future Leader 

Daniel Santangeli, 2019 Future Leader 

Chong Wang, 2019 International Future Leader 


Alumni Committee #1: 1 September 2020 – 28 February 2021 

Erin Milne, 2016 Arts Leader 

Joanne Kee, 2017/18 Arts Leader 

Vikram Iyengar, 2017/18 International Arts Leader 

Este Darin-Cooper, 2019 Arts Leader 

Tian Zhang, 2018 Future Leader 

Lynn Fu, 2018 International Future Leader 

Caine Chennatt, 2019 Future Leader 

  • Adam Wheeler
  • Amy Curl
  • Brett Adlington
  • Danielle Kellie
  • Grace Vanilau
  • Jessica White
  • Mark Smith
  • Natalie Rose
  • Nina Bonacci
  • Ruth McMillan
  • Sim Luttin
  • Bethany Ashley-Ward
  • Christine Scoggin
  • Dunja Rmandić
  • José Da Silva
  • Dr Riona Tindal
  • Tom Pritchard
  • Yolande Norris
  • Ace Lê
  • Cathy Lasam
  • Eunike Nugroho
  • Levina (Lev) Wirawan
  • Rashmi Dhanwani
  • Sakdiyah Ma’ruf
  • Tiburtius (Tenma) Rubin
  • Alana Culverhouse
  • Angela O’Donnell
  • Arjunan Puveendran
  • Christen Cornell
  • Daniel Connell
  • Denise Robinson
  • Imara Savage
  • Julian Louis
  • Kate Ben-Tovim
  • Katrina Torenbeek
  • Kristy Ayre
  • Naomi Velaphi
  • Rebecca Conroy
  • Ros Abercrombie
  • Rosemarie Milsom
  • Samuel Cairnduff
  • Sharon (Shay) Vigona-Goudge
  • Silvano Giordano
  • Tarragh Cunningham
  • Tina Baum
  • Venasio Komai
  • Sangeeta Isvaran
  • Keni Soeriaatmadja
  • Jing Lu
  • Cheryl Teh
  • Alexandra Adsett (QLD) Alex Adsett Publishing Services
  • Michael Barlow (WA) Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
  • Este Darin-Cooper (NSW) Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Kathryn Gray (NSW) Independent
  • Anne-Marie Heath (NSW) The Arts House Wyong
  • Philip Heuzenroeder OAM (VIC) Wild At Heart
  • Julian Hobba (WA) The Blue Room
  • Edwina Johnson (NSW) Byron Writers Festival
  • Jennifer Kerr (VIC) City of Melbourne
  • Peter Knight (VIC) Australian Art Orchestra
  • James Lockyer (VIC) Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Anne Loxley (NSW) c3West/MCA
  • Fiona Maxwell (QLD) Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Kylie McRae (VIC) Chamber Made
  • Nicholas Pickard (NSW) APRA AMCOS
  • Sally Richardson (WA) Steamworks
  • Eira Swaine (SA) Australian Dance Theatre
  • Karen Therese (NSW) PYT Fairfield
  • Colette Vella (NSW) Musica Viva Australia
  • Annette Vieusseux (VIC) Lucy Guerin Inc
  • Reena Dewan (INDIA) Kolkata Centre for Creativity
  • Eliza Handayani (INDONESIA) InterSastra
  • Mayambo Peipul (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) Moresby Arts Theatre
  • E Jan Tan (MALAYSIA) Toccata Studio
  • Tang Zehui (CHINA) Independent
  • Bianca Beetson, Director, Contemporary Australia Indigenous Art, Griffin University
  • Louise Bezzina, Artistic Director, Bleach Festival
  • Justin Bishop, Arts Director, Black Square Arts
  • Sally Blackwood, Independent Creative Producer
  • Fiona de GarisExecutive Director, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
  • Simon Hinton, Artistic Director/CEO, Merrigong Theatre Company
  • Helen Hristofski, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Barking Gecko Theatre Co
  • Joanne Kee, Executive Producer, National Theatre of Parramatta
  • Jane McCredie, Executive Director, NSW Writers’ Centre
  • Nina Miall, Independent Curator
  • Paul Norton, Director, Strut Dance
  • Jiva Parthipan, Arts and Cultural Development Officer, STARTTS / Independent
  • Emma Porteus, Independent Creative Producer and artist, Situate Art in Festivals
  • Melissa Robertson, Arts and Cultural Project Manager, Arts Nexus Inc
  • Emily Sexton, Artistic Director, Arts House
  • Adam Simmons, Co-Artistic Director, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues
  • Efterpi Soropos, Lighting Designer and Technical, Stage and Production Manager
  • Grant Stevens, Deputy Head of School (Art), UNSW Art & Design
  • Sandra Willis, Executive Director, Opera Queensland
  • Angelina Zucco, Executive Director, Australian String Quartet
  • Mia Maria (INDONESIA) Museum MACAN
  • Vikram Iyengar (INDIA) The Pickle Factory
  • Menaka Rodriguez (INDIA) India Foundation for the Arts
  • Ruchira Das (INDIA) ThinkArts
  • Simon Abrahams, Creative Director & CEO, Melbourne Fringe
  • Julie Amos, General Manager, Orchestra, The Australian Ballet
  • Morwenna Collett, Manager, Project Controls and Risk, Australia Council; Research and Evaluation Consultant; Lecturer, University of Sydney
  • Emily Collins, Executive Officer, Music NSW
  • Kelly Doley, Program Officer, Arts NSW; Artist & Curator
  • Kate Eltham, Manager of Reading and Writing, State Library of Queensland
  • Peter Kift, General Manager, Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company
  • Benjamin Knapton, Stage Director
  • Jade Lillie, Director & CEO Footscray Community Arts Centre
  • Todd MacDonald, Artistic Director, La Boite Theatre Company
  • Amy Maiden, General Manager, Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP)
  • Erin Milne, Producer Arts Programs, City of Melbourne
  • Ali Murphy-Oates, Aboriginal Project Manager, Carriageworks; Company Manager Moogahlin Performing Arts
  • Patrick Nolan, Stage Director
  • Kyle Page, Artistic Director, Dancenorth
  • Sean Pardy, Executive Director, Browns Mart Theatre
  • Jonathan Parsons, Artistic Director, Experimenta; Creative Director, Robotronica, Queensland University of Technology
  • Sarah Jane Pell, Artist and Researcher; Commercial Diver
  • Rita Pryce, Founder & Executive Director, Pryce Centre for Culture and Arts
  • Anna Reece, Head of Programming, Perth International Arts Festival
  • Mark Taylor, Manager, Open Stage, Opera Queensland
  • Sarah Tooth, Director, SA Writers Centre
  • Adam Tucker, General Manager, Camerata of St John’s Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra
  • Jacqui Uhlmann, Senior Manager, Strategy and Community Engagement, National Film and Sound Archive
  • Bridgette Van Leuven, Head of Children, Families & Creative Learning, Sydney Opera House
  • Tandi Williams, Arts Research Specialist and Insight Director, Patternmakers
  • Andi Snelling, Independent Writer, Performer and Director
  • Andrew Clark, Independent Creative Producer
  • Alexander Lamarque – Comedian and Independent Producer
  • Celia Coulthard, Adelaide Festival Centre
  • David Ralph, Outer Urban Projects
  • Eugenie Lee, Interdisciplinary Artist
  • Fiona Dorrell, NT Writers’ Centre
  • Harley Mann, Na Djinang Circus and Circa Contemporary Circus
  • Ian Sinclair, Antidisciplinary Artist and Playwright
  • Joe Alexander, Music in Exile
  • Katina Olsen, Independent Choreographer
  • Kuichiang Kuiy, Independent Producer
  • Leah McIntosh, Liminal
  • Lewis Major, Lewis Major Projects
  • Mariam Arcilla, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
  • Nadya Sinyutina, The National Gallery of Victoria
  • Ripley Kavara, Independent Artist and Producer
  • Sarah Asumadu, Independent Writer and Community Engagement Worker
  • Vishnu Arunasalam, Agal Dance Company
  • Adriana Nordin Manan, Independent Writer, Playwright, Translator and Researcher, MALAYSIA
  • Andrew Kuliniasi, Knack Theatre and Studio Productions, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
  • Nguyen Vu Xuan Ha, Chaosdowntown Cháo and A Sông, VIETNAM
  • Mac Andre Arboleda, Artists for Digital Rights Network, PHILIPPINES
  • Olisana Mariner, Onelook Studio, SAMOA
  • Titas Dutta, Birati Samuho Performers Collective, INDIA
  • Varsha Yeshwant Kumar, The One All Trust, INDIA
  • Jing Lu 
  • Venasio Komai 
  • Sangeeta Isvaran 
  • Keni Kurniasari 
  • Cheryl Teh 
  • Razcel Jan Salvarita 
  • Vi Do 
  • Chau Minh 
  • Radhika Ganesh 
  • Ika Yuliana 

2019 participants  

  • Meredith Dellar 
  • Penelope Grist 
  • Bethany Falzon 
  • Nuala Furtado 
  • John Quertermous 
  • Justin Wolfers 
  • Hannah Grace  
  • Autumn Skuthorpe 
  • Amber Cronin 
  • Patrice Sharkey 
  • Caine Chennatt 
  • Tamara Zimet 
  • Kin Allen 
  • Tahlia Azaria 
  • Ciaran Frame 
  • Grace Herbert 
  • Joshua Lowe 
  • Daniel Santangeli 
  • Christina Taylor 
  • Jay Masih 
  • Chong Wang 
  • Franchesca Revelyn Casauay 
  • Hung Duong 
  • Lubna Shaheen 
  • Julia Mendel 
  • Vyvienne Abla 
  • Dan Graham 
  • Tian Zhang 
  • Anna Weekes 
  • Amy-Clare McCarthy 
  • Elizabeth Nowell 
  • Rosemary Willink 
  • Jessica Alice 
  • Jane Howard 
  • Kane Moroney 
  • Graham Akhurst 
  • Jack Fitzgerald 
  • Gareth Hart 
  • Jamie Lewis 
  • William McRostie 
  • Linh Nguyen 
  • Rosie Shepherdson-Cullen 
  • Nathan Stoneham 
  • Jessica Darlow 


  • Lynn Fu 
  • Neiha Jaiswar 
  • Kartika Jahja 
  • Natalie Tan 
  • Rhine Bernardino 
  • Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan 
  • Sam Cooney 
  • Christopher Hodge 
  • Clare Holland 
  • Carl Sciberras 
  • Lachlan Snow 
  • Hannah Kothe 
  • Frankie Snowdon 
  • Craig Cathcart 
  • Courtney Tuttle 
  • Joshua Hoare 
  • Leigh Boswell 
  • Laura Harris 
  • Reiko Okazaki 
  • Rani Pramesti 
  • Mark Pritchard 
  • Sara Strachan 
  • Alana Hunt 
  • Tanya Cooling 
  • Ross McHenry 
  • Natasha Phillips 
Frame Documentary Limited
New Media
  • Katy Morrison 
  • Alice Burgin 
HotHouse Theatre Limited 
  • Karla Conway 
  • Kofi Isaacs 
Ilbijerri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre Co-op 
First Nations/Theatre
Institute of Modern Art Limited 
Visual Arts
  • Liz Nowell 
  • Warraba Weatherall 
Moogahlin Performing Arts Inc 
First Nations/Theatre
  • Lily Shearer 
  • Ali Muprhy-Oates 
Outback Theatre For Young People Inc 
  • Sarah Parsons 
  • Alison Nadebaum 
  • Finn O’Branagain 
  • Jessica Paraha 
Writers SA 
Spineless Wonders Publishing Pty Ltd   Literature
  • Bronwyn Mehan 
  • Richard Holt 
The Farm Gold Coast NFP Ltd 
  • Chloe Ogilvie 
  • Grayson Millwood 
Theatre Network Australia Inc 
  • Erica McCalman 
  • Rani Pramesti 
Urban Theatre Projects Ltd 
  • Dr Jessica Olivieri 
  • Bronwyn Papantonio 
  • Stacey Baldwin, General Manager/Producer, Slingsby
  • Lilla Berry, Project Officer Arts Programs, Carclew
  • Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director, Australian Theatre for Young People
  • Hannah Grant, Director Socially Engaged Programs, Shopfront
  • Michelle Hovane, Co-Artistic Director, Sensorium Theatre
  • Nicholas Paine, Executive Producer, Dead Puppet Society

The Australia Council welcomes the next two First Nations arts leaders participating in the Milparanga Australia Council Scholarship, in partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. 

  • Sinsa Mansell, pakana kanaplila
  • Zane Saunders, independent artist
    Butchilla people 
  • Marlene Chisholm 

The Sync Leadership Program was delivered in 2014 and 2015 by the Australia Council in partnership with Arts Access Australia, and focused on the interplay between leadership and disability.

  • Emma Barrance
  • Sofya Gollan
  • Julia Hales
  • Kate Hood
  • Sarah Houbolt
  • Julian Jaensch
  • Kirsty Martinsen
  • Martin Sawtell
  • Eva Sifis
  • Lee Witczak
  • Morwenna Collett
  • Janelle Colquhoun
  • John Flanagan Willanski
  • Janice Florence
  • Emma J Hawkins
  • Belinda Locke
  • Liz Martin
  • Gaelle Mellis
  • Racheal Missingham
  • Michelle Ryan
  • Sophie Sherriff
  • Gaele Sobott
  • Emma Bennison
  • Aaron Beach – Contemporary Dance Company of Western Australia
  • Adi Diner – White Night Melbourne
  • Alexandra Cameron-Fraser – Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • Annette Vieusseux – Lucy Guerin Inc
  • Antonia Seymore – Urban Theatre Projects
  • Beverly Growden – Canberra Glassworks
  • Carolyn Murphy – Art Gallery of NSW
  • Katrina Douglas – PACT Centre for Emerging Artists
  • Emma Calverley – Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Philp Watkins – Desart Inc
  • Georgie Davill – Carclew Youth Arts
  • Jack Lloyd – Belconnen Arts Centre
  • Jane Tonkin – Corrugated Iron Youth Arts
  • John Kachoyan – MKA: Theatre of New Writing
  • Kate Feilding – Independent
  • Louisa Bezzina – Bleach Festival
  • Jayne Lovelock – Melbourne Fringe
  • Martina Murray – Melbourne Theatre Company
  • Narelle Lewis – Performing Lines
  • Penny Miles – Independent
  • Simone Schinkel – KAGE
  • Tim Stitz – Chamber Made Opera
  • Zoe Graham – QAGOMA
  • Felicity Bolt – Ausdance Tasmania
  • Amanda Foote – N/A
  • Carli Leimbach – Independent
  • Chris Kohn – N/A
  • Cheryl Pickering – Various People Inc; Chamber Music Adelaide
  • Caroline Downer – New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM)
  • Hillary Coyne – Chunky Move
  • Jaclyn Booton – The Wheelchair Centre
  • Jade Lillie – Footscray Community Arts Centre
  • Joe Toohey – Regional Arts Victoria
  • Kerry O’Sullivan – The Blue Room Theatre
  • Casey Lee – Arena Theatre Company
  • Libby Hill – Victorian Opera
  • Michelle O’Brien – Independent Arts & Festival Manager
  • Narelle Jarry – Beyond Empathy
  • Pip Wittenoom – The Australia Council for the Arts
  • Bec Allen – N/A
  • Rhys Holden – La Boite Theatre Company
  • Rod Ainsworth – Creative Regions
  • Tamara Harrison – Polyglot Theatre
  • Timothy Jones – Seymour Centre
  • Viv Rosman – Polyglot Theatre
  • Antonietta Morgillo – N/A
  • Bronwyn Lobb – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Damien Boyle – Monash University Academy of Performing Arts
  • Danielle Harvey – Sydney Opera House
  • Brad Spolding – The Substation
  • Edwina Lunn – Darwin Festival Association Inc
  • Georgia Rivers – Opera Australia
  • Hillary Coyne – Chunky Move
  • Kate Eltham – State Library of QLD
  • Kathryn Hunyor – Object: Australian Design Centre
  • Kane Forbes – Regional Arts Victoria
  • Katherine Hoepper – Queensland Theatre Company
  • Michael Dagostino – Campbelltown Arts Centre
  • Michelle Broun – Indigenous Community Stories – FTI
  • Nathalie Vallejo – Bangarra Dance Theatre
  • Pippa Bainbridge – La Mama
  • Sarah Neal – Malthouse Theatre
  • Simeon Moran – Ilbijerri
  • Sarah Greentree – The Wheeler Centre
  • Jason Barry-Smith – N/A
  • Tim Long Willoughby City Council
  • Jon Cope – City of Armidale
  • Joseph Mitchell – OzAsia
  • Jen Mizuik – Banff Centre for the Arts
  • Naomi Lane – N/A
  • Adrian Burnett – The Australia Council for the Arts
  • Anthony Peluso – Country Arts South Australia
  • Bernie Hearld – Gondwana Choirs
  • Brendan Ross – N/A
  • Ben Fox – Independent
  • Daniel Randall – N/A
  • Kate Larsen – Writers Victoria
  • Paul Kooperman – N/A
  • Esther Anatolitis – Regional Arts Victoria
  • Fiona Menzies – Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Olivia Ansell – Hayes Theatre
  • Paul Osuch – Anywhere Festival
  • Phip Murray – N/A
  • Sandra Willis – Opera Australia
  • Sean Radcliffe – Sydney Dance Company
  • Simon Abrahams – Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • Tamara Jungwirth – Gasworks
  • Alison Beare – Ngeringa Arts Centre
  • Callum Moncrieff – N/A
  • David Ryding – Melbourne City of Literature
  • Anna Cerneaz – Artology / WotOpera
  • David Williams – David Williams Projects
  • Lisa Dempster – Melbourne Writers Festival
  • Dion Hastie – Kurruru Youth Performing Arts
  • Kath Melbourne – Legs on the Wall
  • Fiona Carter – Corrugated Iron Youth Arts
  • Emily Sexton – Wheeler Centre (ex next Wave)
  • Kevin du Preez – The Australia Council for the Arts
  • Kim McConville – Beyond Empathy Ltd
  • Kristy Rebbeck – Rebbak
  • Lenine Bourke – Independent
  • Magdalena Moreno – IFACCA
  • Louise Oppenheim – Circus Oz
  • Melanie Knight – N/A
  • Michael Williams – The Wheeler Centre
  • Josh Write – Malthouse Theatre
  • Nicholas Skibinski – N/A
  • Tehmi Sukhla – The Australia Museum
  • Ann McLean – N/A
  • Venessa Rowsthorn – Melbourne Theatre Company
  • Guy Ross – Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Alyson Evans, (NSW, Albury Area) Independent producer 
  • Scott Howie (NSW, Wagga Wagga) Independent producer 
  • Christopher Orchard, (NSW, Coolarmon Shire, Bland Shire, Junee Shire) Charles Sturt University 
  • Ashlee Laing, (NSW/VIC, Albury/Wodonga) Independent producer 
  • Roxanne Smith, (NSW, Wagga Wagga, Junee) Wagga Wagga Civic Centre 
  • Sarah Parsons, (NSW, Deniliquin) Outback Theatre 
  • Sivonne Binks, (NSW, south-west) Independent producer 
  • Claire Harris, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Create Hub Riverina and Eastern Riverina Arts 
  • Lauren Reynolds, (NSW Coolamon, Wagga Wagga) Wagga Wagga City Council 
  • Susan Reid, (NSW, Albury) Murray Arts 
  • Brittany Hefren, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Independent producer 
  • Erin Davis-Hartwig, (NSW Beechworth/Albury) Independent photographer & Old Stone Hall Co-Work and Art Space 
  • Phoebe Pinnock, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Regional Music, MusicNSW 
  • Greg Pritchard, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Independent producer 
  • Kerryn Beatty, (NSW Albury) Idependent producer 
  • James Farley, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Independent producer 
  • Elizabeth Robinson, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Independent designer 
  • Drew Halyday, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Wagga Wagga Art Gallery 
  • Samantha Taylor, (NSW Snowy Valleys) Taylor Made Artist Services and Tumut’s Falling Leaf Festival 
  • Genevieve Mott, (NSW Wagga Wagga and Albury) Museum of the Riverina 
  • Jhi Rayner, (NSW Wagga Wagga) Independent and Freeroam Theatre inc. 

The Australia Council welcomes the first cohort of Australian CEOs participating in the National Arts Strategies (NAS) Chief Executive Program in the US. 

  • Caroline Bowditch, Arts Access Victoria 
  • Alice Nash, Back to Back Theatre 
  • Philip Watkins, Desart 
  • Brian Parkes, JamFactory (Brian’s scholarship is in partnership with Arts South Australia).


Elverina Johnson, independent artist
Gurugulu and Indinji Gimuy 


  • Kathy Burns 
  • Alysha Herrman