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Four Year Investment for Organisations

Four Year Investment for Organisations (FYIO) is a significant multi-year investment program for arts and cultural organisations. It is one of the largest investments Creative Australia makes in Australian arts and culture, providing organisations with the ability to contribute to the cultural life of the nation through the presentation of artwork, to audiences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Four Year Investment provides multi-year investment for small to medium arts and cultural organisations. This investment enables organisations to plan with longer-term certainty and increase their capacity to leverage other support and collaborations.

Organisations must demonstrate a high degree of artistic achievement, along with a compelling four-year vision for the investment period. To be competitive, organisations must also demonstrate they are well governed, effectively managed, and generate diverse income streams.

It is the intention of this category to invest in organisations that are part of the small to medium arts and cultural sector. Large, well-resourced organisations or institutions seeking investment in multi-year arts programs may not be considered a priority for investment in this category.

Four Year Investment for Organisations is a two-stage process. Stage one is an expression of interest (EOI). If an organisation is successful in its first stage expression of interest, it is invited to make a full Stage 2 application for assessment.

See the guidelines page for further information.

Organisations approved for investment in 2025-2028 were announced on Wednesday 13 December 2023.

The full list of organisations can be found on our website.

Industry Advisors are experts in their field with relevant experience and knowledge of an arts practice or sector. Industry Advisors reviewed applications under arts practice areas and made recommendations for Creative Australia to consider when deliberating on the final decisions for multi-year investment programs.

Further detail on industry advice can be found here.

The Industry Advisors listed below assisted with the review of the following investment programs for 2025-2028:

  • Visual Art, Craft and Design Framework Leadership Organisations
  • Four Year Investment for Organisations
  • Delivery Partners
Last Name First Name State
Abood Paula NSW
Abrahams Simon VIC
Apolonio Bryant NSW
Arndt Rachel QLD
Barclay Ella ACT
Barclay Leah QLD
Barker Annabel VIC
Barrett Frances SA
Barrett-Lennard Amy WA
Beale Claire TAS
Beard Nathan WA
Ben-Tovim Kate WA
Blackwood Sally NSW
Blake Jenn NSW
Blankendaal Leah ACT
Booth Solomon QLD
Bowen Benjamin NSW
Cadwell Alice NSW
Case Joanne SA
Chatfield Bradley QLD
Cheang Weng-Si WA
Ciccarello Vincent SA
Collins Janine NSW
Colquhoun Janelle QLD
Coventry Michaela VIC
Crowe Mimi SA
Da Silva José NSW
de Almeida Pedro NSW
de Souza Leanne QLD
Donnolley Lee-Anne SA
Downs Annette TAS
Drandic Isaac QLD
Driessens Jo-Anne NSW
Duff Alisa SA
Edwards Shaun QLD
Eltham Kate QLD
England Sideris Jessi ACT
English Lawrence QLD
Evans Nicola NSW
Everard Delwyn WA
Fa’anana Natano QLD
Fey Emma SA
Flanagan Leah NT
Flynn Angela SA
Fox Hannah VIC
Gonsalves Roanna NSW
Gooding Scott VIC
Gough David TAS
Green Loughrey Katy NSW
Grima Vicki NSW
Guest Vernon TAS
Guy Britt NT
Halit Alison VIC
Haren Samuel SA
Harper Laura TAS
Harris Bill NSW
Hay Ashley QLD
Healey Sue NSW
Heifetz Grace NSW
Henshall Jude SA
Hepi Amrita NSW
Hewitt Mollie WA
Hunt Allanah QLD
Jolly Amanda QLD
Kellow James NSW
King Kamahi Djordon NT
Kwok Joon-Yee SA
Lacey Genevieve VIC
Lord Simon SA
Lowe Joshua VIC
Ma Joel VIC
Macdonald Logan SA
Mainland Kath SA
Maling Caitlin WA
Mansell Sinsa TAS
Marcou Helen VIC
Mayhew Steve TAS
Mcgilp Samuel VIC
McGuire Marshall VIC
McIntosh Leah VIC
McNair Cherie NSW
Miall Nina QLD
Milne Erin VIC
Minski Kristefan NSW
Mokak Georgia NT
Morgan Jill VIC
Nguyen Hong An James VIC
Nguyen Tam VIC
Orly Nanette NSW
Paech Georgina SA
Page Kirk NSW
Phillips April NSW
Phillips Sandra NSW
Priest Gail NSW
Reece Anna WA
Richardson Anna Louise WA
Robinson Denise TAS
Routledge Sam TAS
Schrieber Merindi QLD
Sherwood Spring Joel NSW
Smith Melinda ACT
Sole Amy NSW
Spencer Elizabeth WA
Spolding Bradley QLD
Starkey Kevin QLD
Stevens Leyla NSW
Stewart Sherene VIC
Stoneham Nathan QLD
Sulan Kate VIC
Syed Zainab NSW
Thomas Jared SA
Tonkin Jane VIC
Tucker Adam QLD
Usher Kate QLD
van Oorde-Grainger Poppy WA
Vigona-Goudge Sharon NT
Wang Mindy Meng VIC
Warren Kate ACT
Watson Fleur VIC
Wellington Simon TAS
Whaites Michael WA
White Michelle WA
Williams Anthea NSW
Williams Gina WA
Williams Michael VIC
Woo Sandi NSW
Worthington Dean VIC
Young John VIC
Zink Liesel QLD