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Signature Works

Signature Works is an invitation only opportunity. Signature creative works impact artists, audiences and markets.


a) $25,000 for Story Production: an invitation-only opportunity for selected Story Development recipients to apply for Story Production funding.

b) $10,000 for Professional and Market Development: an invitation-only opportunity for all Story Production recipients to apply for funding to assist with professional and market development.

Download the RTF version of these guidelines.

About the opportunity

Signature creative works impact artists, audiences and markets. The richness of creative ideas translated to an engaging experience for audiences, furthers market growth opportunities and provides an insight into the vitality and vibrancy of First Nations arts in the national and international arts landscape. The evolution of the Australian arts canon relies on the ability of First Nations artists to voice the dynamism of the times they are immersed in; and to be supported to realise that vision through a range of platforms that broaden the reach for their creativity.