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First Nations Exchange And Boot Camp

As part of the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM), held in Brisbane from 22 to 26 February, the Australia Council hosted a First Nations Exchange and skills development “boot camp” for Indigenous artists and arts workers.

The inaugural First Nations Exchange was held over two days, enabling knowledge and ideas sharing between 17 delegates from Australia, New Zealand and Canada and building strong connections between the three countries.

The boot camp was designed to equip First Nations artists and arts workers, whose experience of APAM was limited, with the necessary tools to get the most out of the four-day market.


The First Nations exchange and boot camp are initiatives of the Australia Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts strategy and builds on the success of other Council-managed initiatives at other industry events, such as APAM 2014, Australian World Music Expo 2014, BIGSOUND 2015 and the 2015 Australian Performing Arts Centres Association conference.