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Re-ignite framework principles and standards

The following principles underpin the framework


The following principles underpin the framework:

  1. The Arts and culture are fundamental to the social, cultural and economic well-being of Australia – they are public goods worth nurturing.
  2. Self-determination is a fundamental right for First Nations people and the starting point in any serious effort to recover from COVID-19.
  3. Getting the creative workforce activated again is critical to the success of the industry.
  4. Industries such as tourism and hospitality are stimulated by a strong cultural industry.
  5. Artists can continue to make an impact on the behaviour changes needed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and can increase community confidence as restrictions are eased.
  6. Creativity, expression and participation in arts and culture are important to mental health and wellbeing.
  7. Recommencement of arts and cultural activity should be staged in alignment with government guidelines.
  8. Returning to arts and cultural activity represents an indicator of recovery within communities and will affirm trust in health and safety measures.
  9. Consideration of a future beyond the national 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia is essential to performance based art forms, exhibitions and touring, which require significant planning and preparation.

Ten Standards

Individuals, groups and organisations recommencing arts and cultural activities will:

  1. Prioritise the health of participants, professionals, volunteers, audiences, customers and the broader community.
  2. Follow the advice of Australian and relevant state/territory and local governments, and public health authorities.
  3. Apply physical distancing and other risk mitigation measures to all outdoor and indoor spaces including rehearsal rooms, theatres, galleries, green rooms, box office, amenities, recording studios, community arts spaces, etc.
  4. Assess the physical environment to ensure precautions are taken to minimise risk to arts and cultural practitioners, employees, contractors, audiences and visitors.
  5. Comply with the defined public health responses, which may include contact tracing measures and the isolation of an individual or group, and close contacts.
  6. Communicate to practitioners, employees, contractors, audiences and visitors about safety strategies in place to build awareness and trust and encourage compliance.
  7. Comply with directives of public health authorities responding to localised outbreaks where a return to restricted activity is required.
  8. Engage with, and obtain approval from, respective jurisdictions if seeking exemption from restrictions or approval for recommencement of activities.
  9. Decide when to resume operation or practice based on practitioner/organisational priorities and in line with jurisdictional guidelines.
  10. Implement and monitor the standards outlined in the Re-activate framework before resuming practice, rehearsal, performances and/or exhibitions.



The Australia Council has been listening to arts and cultural organisations, peak bodies and independent artists about the impacts of COVID-19 and the changes needed to re-ignite arts and cultural activity across the country. As a result, we have produced the following response: Re-activate which supports jurisdictional compliance.

Re-activate – is a practical, user-friendly guide for independent artists and organisations. It outlines how to confidently comply with government guidelines to recommence practice and open doors to welcome audiences, visitors and customers. It complies with the existing requirements of steps 2 and 3 of the Australian Government’s 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia.