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Develop a plan

Jul 01, 2021

Develop a plan

1. Consult existing resources that will help to develop a COVID Safe plan.

2. Who else can you talk to to assist in the development of your plan?

  • E.g. peers, government support and other industries where appropriate.

3. Don’t forget to develop a Confirmed Infection Procedure in the event of an employee, contractor, audience member or visitor falling ill.

Useful links

Jurisdictions – Covid-19 Safety Plans/Guidelines

Chief Medical Officer’s guidance

COVID-19 health alert

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for employers

Safework Australia checklists

Workplace checklist

Physical distancing checklist

Cleaning Checklist

Health, hygiene and facilities checklist

Fair Work Ombudsman

Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws

Privacy regulations

Laws around customer information

WHS Compliance

Comcare – commonwealth/national resources

NT WorkSafe

SafeWork NSW

SafeWork SA

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

WorkSafe ACT

WorkSafe Tasmania

WorkSafe Victoria

WorkSafe WA

Digital Culture Strategy

The Digital Culture Strategy sets out our vision for a digitally enabled and thriving arts and cultural industry. It provides an overarching framework to guide our approach and priorities for digital development.

Our objective is to increase digital engagement with arts and creativity, leading to greater community connection and wellbeing. To achieve this, we also aim to build capability and resilience across the arts and cultural industries.

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