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Resuming Operation Or Practice

Jul 01, 2021

Are you going to resume operation or practice

1. You may consider:

  • cultural protocols
  • vulnerable people
  • the risk appetite of your Board of Directors
  • how you are operating now, and how you may need to change operations to comply with restrictions.
  • the costs of operating in the COVID environment, such as staffing, cleaning and reduced revenue.
  • the costs and skills required to operate in a digital or hybrid environment, such as technology, strategies and protocols or staff training.
  • how will you enforce physical distancing protocols? What effect will this have on your operations or practice?
  • speaking to peers or reviewing case studies of others in similar situations and their processes

2. If you are operating out of a shared space, ensure you review the facility’s existing plan and the requirements in place. Consider how you may align with the plan to ensure safety.

No, I’m not ready to resume yet:

  • Consider what needs to change in order for you to resume operation or practice.
  • Communicate your position with all stakeholders.
  • Go back to Step 1 Gather Information to monitor changes in policy and industry plans.