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The Marten Bequest Scholarships: terms and conditions

1. Criteria for Applicants

Each applicant must fulfil the following conditions and requirements:

a. An Australian citizen.

b. Be between the ages of 21 – 35 as at the closing date of entries (17 – 35 for ballet).

c. Applicants must submit their proposal via the Creative Australia Application Management System (AMS) with all relevant materials prior to the closing date. No additional material will be accepted after this date. Please note that insufficient or incomplete proposals will not be successful.

d. The decisions on Scholarship recipients rests with Perpetual as trustee. Decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

e.  Scholarship funds are to be used for study, maintenance and travel, either domestically or internationally, to boost or progress the applicants career.

Note: 1. (a) and (b) above are conditions specifically imposed by the Will of the late John Chisholm Marten and there can be no exceptions to these conditions.

2. Submissions

As well as completing the online proposal form, applicants must provide the following as part of their proposal:

a. Confirmation of your age and Australian citizenship, noting you will be asked to provide evidence of your Australian citizenship if your proposal is successful.

b. Letters of support such as written references in support of the applicant’s submission. Support letters must be no more than one year old.

c. For your chosen category, additional support material is required.

3. Important Information for Applicants

All proposals must be submitted via the Creative Australia AMS.

a. Applicants may be contacted directly throughout the application process to provide further information.

b. Applicants will be issued with an automatic email confirmation of receipt of their application form.

c. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure any digital support material is uploaded correctly to the relevant third party system (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive) and confirm your acceptance of any third party terms and conditions for the upload of digital media.

d. Outcomes will be emailed to each applicant to the email address provided on the proposal form.

e. Applicants may apply for other scholarships or funding programs (including those of the Australia Council) whilst they are in receipt of a travelling scholarship from The Marten Bequest.

f. In applying for these scholarships, the applicant agrees that the Trustee / its agent reserves the right to select from any application/s, any material/s or image/s and reproduce to further advertise by electronic or print media or by internet marketing through social media or on television, support and in other ways publicise this scholarship and / or any other arts scholarships and awards in its portfolio, in any way it sees fit.

g. It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep the Australia Council advised of any contact changes during the assessment process by emailing  or through the ‘Contact Us’ page .

h. Scholarships shall be awarded from time to time as the Trustee decides. The Trustee may, in its absolute discretion, refrain for any period and for any reason from the awarding of any of these scholarships. The Trustee also reserves the right to amend these rules and conditions from time to time, as it thinks fit, provided that any such amendment shall not in any way affect any scholarship already awarded pursuant to these rules and conditions.

i. The scholarship recipients may be expected to take part in media activities around the announcement.

4. Value and Tenure of Scholarships

The value of each scholarship may vary between funding rounds. No matter the scholarship amount, it is payable over a two year period with funds paid in quarterly instalments in advance. The use of the scholarship must be completed within the scholarship period, unless an extension has been agreed with Creative Australia and Perpetual. Scholarship recipients must accept associated terms and conditions prior to the first payment. At the end of the scholarship period, the Trustee will require a report on the scholarship recipient’s activities, including confirmation that the funds were expended in the intended manner provided by the Will of the late John Chisholm Marten.  The scholarship recipient should obtain their own professional advice in respect of any legal or taxation consequences as a result of being awarded a scholarship.

5. Assessment Process

a. Assessment of proposals is based entirely on material submitted by the applicant by the closing date. No additional material will be accepted after this date, and incomplete or insufficient proposals will not be successful.

b. If the assessor(s) consider that there is no entry of sufficiently high merit to warrant the scholarship, no scholarship will be awarded.

c. The decision of the assessor(s), and of the Trustee or its nominee on the interpretation of all scholarship rules, terms and conditions, shall be final and legally binding, and no correspondence with regard to the assessors’ decision will be entered into with applicants or third parties.

d. If at any time after the scholarship has been granted to any recipient, the Trustee determines the proposal did not comply with the conditions of entry or eligibility, the scholarship may be withdrawn and the recipient must immediately repay the scholarship money to the Trustee.

e. In the event that a scholarship is withdrawn pursuant to this condition, the other proposals which were submitted in the same year may be reconsidered for the scholarship; otherwise no scholarship will be awarded in respect of that year. Whilst it is expected that these conditions will be strictly observed, the Trustee reserves the right to waive compliance with the terms and conditions, or alter any terms and conditions.

6. Cancellation

The unpaid balance of any scholarship may, at the absolute discretion of the Trustee, be forfeited in the event of any of the following occurring: the death of a scholarship recipient; scholarship recipient being declared bankrupt by due process of law; a scholarship recipient not fulfilling any conditions which may be attached to the terms of her / his scholarship; or a scholarship recipient for any reason whatever being prevented from continuing her / his studies or work. In the case of fraudulent or severely inappropriate behaviour on the part of the scholarship recipient, the Trustee, at its discretion, may request that all scholarship monies that have been paid to that scholarship recipient be returned to the Trustee.

7. Privacy

Personal information you provide with your proposal may be held by Creative Australia or Trustee and used in connection with the assessment of your proposal for the scholarship. Your privacy is important to us. The Australia Council and Trustee ensure that the information held about you is held securely and that your confidentiality is protected, in accordance with each of our respective Privacy Policies, which can be viewed at: or our privacy page.