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Carl Fourmile



Minjil means “spark from a fire.”Fire is very important in Aboriginal culture as it brings people and communities together. Artistic Director of Minjil and company owner, Carl Fourmile is a Yidinji man from the land of Gimuy in Far North Queensland (QLD).

A cultural performer, practitioner and local leader in Indigenous arts, Carl has strong roots in dance, lore and education. He is a cultural performer, ceremonial practitioner, cultural practitioner and local leader in Indigenous arts in Cairns, Far North Queensland. His passion for the arts, his people and their history extends to mentoring youth and those who want a greater connection and understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Carl has been a key facilitator in workshops, Welcome to Country ceremonies and local cultural tours for the past 15 years in Cairns (QLD) and Sydney (NSW). He is proud to be an ambassador for his people and to work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike. Minjil is bigger than just one person, however Carl is at the centre, coordinating and directing local Indigenous performers who are enthusiastic and skilled in their craft.

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