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Chelsea Mcguffin



Chelsea has played a leading role in placing Australian Contemporary Circus centre stage in the international performing arts realm.

Chelsea trained at The National Capital Ballet School with Janet Karen and at The Centre for Performing Arts in Adelaide, at Fruit Fly Circus School, and Circus Monoxide.

Chelsea worked with Sally Forth (from Australian Dance Theatre and Circus Oz) and with Extra Bimbo, Tony’s Imaginary Circus, the Queensland Theatre Company and Rock N Roll Circus where she spent nine years working with Director Yaron Lifschitz. Together they recreated the company as CIRCA Contemporary Circus.

In 2008 she founded Company 2, which has gone on to create impressive, award winning works which have toured both nationally and internationally.

Chelsea also maintains a strong and steadfast commitment to the next generation of circus performers. She ensures they see a place for their own voices on the contemporary circus stage.

Chelsea McGuffin is the 2021 recipient of the Australia Council Award for Theatre.

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