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Gauri Bhalla



Gauri founded and runs a small business. She is an expert in revenue creation: customer identification, attraction, retention and shared value. In her own business, Curious Collective, she has designed and delivered contracts ranging from $5k to $1m. She helps leaders think creatively and do differently.

She can see and monetise value in education and creative programs and has captured value for organisations such as Sydney Opera House, School of Life, ACO, TEDxSYDNEY, CBA, Department of Education, Ricoh, Lion, Unilever, Remarkable and Stockland.

She loves to leverage and explore value with her network of contacts and will often bring relevant contacts to engagements to help and share expertise and connections.

Gauri finds people irresistibly interesting.  She understands the power of curiosity to transform and enable people to fulfill their potential.

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