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Mama Alto



Mama Alto describes herself as a jazz singer, cabaret artist & gender transcendent diva. She is a transgender & queer person of colour who works with the radical potential of storytelling.

Mama Alto provides space for the trans community to tell stories with a focus on providing support and nurturing artists. She amplifies, celebrates and advocates for artists of colour to ensure the stages she works on are truly reflective.

There is strength in her softness and power in her vulnerability. Her prowess in community dynamics, language usage and navigating institutional barriers is known throughout Melbourne.

Her work creates stories in which people can see themselves and explore their varied experiences both on stage and as audience members.

Mama Alto’s work is wide and impactful. It ranges from writing to solo cabaret works such as Torch Songs and Queerly Beloved tothe ensemble piece Gender Euphoria. Her workincludesnumerous community and capacity building arts projects and individual mentorships. Mama has also worked as Midsumma Festival’s artist development coordinator. She uplifts and platforms artists and addresses the traumas and inequities experienced by marginalised people.

From work on committees and shaping the landscape behind the scenes, to performing and hosting in front of audiences with her wonderful voice, Mama Alto continually uses her platform to better the lives of others.

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