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The 2007 Queensland Music Festival program has been announced at a launch held at the State Library of Queensland.

Taking place from Friday 13 to Sunday 29 July, the festival will showcase the best of local, national and international musical talents in a program of musical excellence including old and new opera, classical recitals, jazz, chamber music, pop and rock.

It will also include cross-cultural musical exchanges featuring Indigenous musicians from Australia as well as our Pacific and Asian neighbours.

Through the universal language of music, the Queensland Music Festival will unite the communities of Queensland in a celebration of the shared stories, cultures and experiences that epitomise the richness and diversity of Queensland’s musical and geographical landscapes.

The performances will be presented to more than 100,000 people throughout greater Brisbane and Queensland’s regional communities.

In the regional and remote communities of Queensland, community engagement is fundamental to the philosophy and success of the festival. Through collaborations with local shire councils and the community at large the festival ensures local participation in the process of creating and performing music that reflects the culture of individual centres, tells their stories, and celebrates their identities.

The program will involve collaboration with 21 communities, 14 local governments and more than 600 artists and support personnel.

The 2007 Queensland Music Festival regional program is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.



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