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The sixth annual Australia Council for the Arts’ Marketing Summit begins at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane this Tuesday 15 June.

What started as a series of small arts marketing workshops has grown to become a national, three day event attracting over 200 representatives of Australian performing arts companies, regional arts centres, museums and galleries, as well as international guests.

‘There’s a great synergy between marketing and the arts,’ says Kathy Keele, CEO of the Australia Council, herself a former marketing executive, ‘They’re both vitally creative pursuits. As the arts inspire people with new ideas, sounds and visions; arts marketers are doing the same, but working to connect an audience eager to see something inspiring, with the work of extraordinary artists.’

The marriage of digital technologies and marketing is pivotal and is a key theme of this year’s Summit

‘As artists themselves embrace new technology to create their work, so too are marketers who are promoting those arts. New technologies are giving us new opportunities to create new niche audiences.  Savvy arts marketers now use all the tools: the web, mobile, virtual world, social media and email all as forms of getting the right message into the hands of the right audience at the right time,’ says Kathy Keele.

The Summit launches with Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC, talking about retaining relevance in the digital era – examining the challenges and opportunities faced by the national broadcaster.

Digital opportunities are explored further by international guest Russ Meyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Landor Associates, one of the world’s leading strategic brand and design consultancies.

Based in San Francisco, Russ Meyer is renowned as a commentator on brands, business and social media and is a passionate speaker on sustainability in business. This is a rare opportunity for Australian arts organisations to gain insight from a speaker who has guided the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Yahoo!.

Another key theme of this year’s Summit is connecting with a culturally diverse audience.

‘The arts are of course for everyone and we’re a very multicultural country, so our challenge is to review strategies for connecting with all Australians, from all cultures, and to offer everyone access to the arts – and that’s a job for our marketers,’ said Kathy Keele.

Denise Montgomery, former Director of Communications and Marketing at the Museum of Contemporary Arts San Diego, will discuss the museum’s unique approach to generating culturally diverse audiences and patrons – and her award winning Feed the Greedy Organ campaign which dramatically increased attendances among 18–25 year old audiences.

At Tate, UK, Claire Eva, Head of Marketing and Audiences, ensures that audiences are at the heart of business planning and program choices; an approach that’s been successful in connecting with both audience and artists. She will share her experience in using a wide range of creative techniques and technologies to increase public knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art.

Clare Eva and Denise Montgomery will also speak in Sydney and Melbourne respectively.

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