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The Australia Council for the Arts today released a paper outlining the key points raised in the first round of consultations for its children in art protocols.

The Australia Council is currently developing a set of protocols to address the depiction of children in artworks, exhibitions and publications that receive government funding. The protocols will help artists who work with children to do so with proper care and sensitivity.

Australia Council chief executive officer Kathy Keele said the protocols are being developed through an extensive consultation process to ensure the voices of the arts community as well as other concerned groups are heard.

“Weíve had feedback and submissions from more than 45 individuals, academics, arts sector representatives, community and government bodies,” she said. “The Australia Council received a wide range of points and considerations during the first phase of consultations, and the comments we’ve received have been very helpful. This feedback will contribute significantly in guiding the Australia Council’s work in drafting the protocols.

“The final protocols will include an overview of applicable state and territory laws, and a set of minimum standards which artists must follow to receive Federal Government funding,” Ms Keele said. ‘However, this will not impact the peer review process – applications will still be judged for artistic excellence.”

The draft protocols will be circulated for public comment during November 2008. The protocols will apply to grants issued after 1 January 2009.

Read the summary paper.



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