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The Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Embassy in Jakarta, AusAID and Community Partnerships of Australia Council for the Arts are working in partnership to enable a Community Arts and Education Placement for one or more Australian community arts and cultural development (CACD) practitioners. Successful practitioners will work with two schools in Jakarta including SMA Al Izhar, a private Islamic senior school in Fatmawati and SDN 11 Pondok Labu, a government primary school in Pondok Labu on Jakarta’s outskirts.  The purpose of this placement is to work with local students, families, artists and the broader community to develop a public artwork in the built environment of the school that reflects the unique identity and culture of the school and its community.

This placement is a pilot that will be independently evaluated to determine the value of CACD processes and outcomes in developing communities and education contexts. The aims of this placement are: to enable a greater sense of community ownership of, and direct engagement with, schools that have participated in the BRIDGE[i] program, enhance intercultural exchange within the school community and Australian aid agencies; share community arts and cultural development skills with local artists in Indonesia; and demonstrate Australia’s commitment to education in Indonesia. The placement budget is up to $35,000 and will cover artist(s) fees, production costs as well as travel and accommodation expenses. If required, the successful artist/s will be offered in country language and culture training. The successful artist(s) is required to collaborate with an independent evaluator to be chosen by the project partners.

Selection criteria:

  • Five years (or more) experience as a Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) practitioner demonstrating successful facilitation of high quality community driven processes and public art outcomes
  • Experience working with young people and/or in an education context
  • Leadership and skills sharing experience that would enable collaborative work with local artists in an Indonesian context
  • Capacity to collaborate with a range of partners including evaluation partners
  • Willingness to share results with the Australian CACD sector and project supporters including AusAID, DFAT, AII, the Australian Embassy and the Australia Council for the ArtsDesirable criteria:


  • Experience working in a developing community and/or country
  • Knowledge of Indonesian language and/or cultureSupport material:

    All support material will be received electronically via email ( You may submit support material via a URL if this is more convenient.

  • Artist biography for each artist involved (up to two pages each)
  • Artistic  support material (in one of the following formats: five pages of written material, or 10 printed photographs or electronic images, or five minutes of video or sound recording, or up to three live website links [URL])
  • Up to five support letters (maximum of one page each)Download the application form here.

    All Deed Poll Waiver Release Form.



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