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A new report into Australia’s theatre sector highlights the many interconnections between artists, larger companies, smaller companies, venues and festivals.

The theatre sector in Australia is characterised by interconnection. Large and small companies draw on each other for inspiration and resources. The artform itself is inherently collaborative.  It is a sector built on strong, personal relationships.

The future vibrancy and sustainability of the major performing arts theatre companies depends on the ongoing heatlh of the Australian theatre ‘ecology’ – independent theatre artists, small, medium and large companies, venues and festivals.

This research identifies the following issues:

  • creative workforce succession: where are the directors, artistic directors, designers and other key creatives of the future going to come from, and what can the sector do to support their development now?
  • Interconnections: how can the theatre sector’s connections be strengthened to support and manage risk-taking, address issues of talent development and succession, and provide benefit for both small-to-medium and large companies?

This paper identifies recommendations for future action by Australian theatre companies and the Australia Council for the Arts.

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