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The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), the Australia Council for the Arts, Tipping Point Australia and Kaaitheater Brussels have joined forces to offer a commission for a climate related artwork.

This is an open call to groups of artists and/or scientists in Australia and Europe to submit applications for the creation of a new artwork conceived in the context of climate change (see the Tipping Point’s webpage for full details).

The commission will be won on the quality of the idea, the experience of the team and the project’s carbon neutral status. The specification of carbon neutrality does not require that offsets be purchased. Instead, the project offers a framework for exploration of the issues surrounding low carbon and the concept of carbon neutrality.

Applicants should document how they would achieve carbon reduction compared to a “business as usual” scenario and what partnerships they think would be needed to take their carbon reduction further.

The successful applicant will receive dedicated support from Julie’s Bicycle to map their carbon impacts and identify further reduction opportunities.

The two-page application should also include:

  • a description of the project
  • short biographies of project members
  • a budget
  • a timeline

The successful applicant will enter into an agreement with the Australia Council for the Arts.  As well as delivery of the project, the agreement will require the successful applicant(s) to join a mini-network of projects under the TippingPoint Australia umbrella with a view to developing sustainable management tools and sharing resources.

It is recommended that the successful applicant(s) participate in the next TippingPoint Australia Meeting to share their learning and experience. Further, all project-participants of Program 2010-2011 of the IETM-Australia Council for the Arts Collaboration Project are subject to a carbon audit process overseen by Julie’s Bicycle as part of a larger project to develop a standard green rider for future international activities.

All applications and enquiries should be made to David Pledger, Director of the IETM-Australia Council for the Arts Collaboration Project at

Budget: $A30, 000.

Timeline: The application deadline is January 28, 2011. Successful applicant(s) will be notified early February with delivery for the Burning Ice #5 Program @ Kaaitheater in 2011.



Brianna Roberts


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