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The terms of reference for the Community Partnerships Scoping Study have been signed off by Jennifer Bott, Australia Council CEO.

The terms of reference (listed below) were developed by the Scoping Study Reference Group in consultation with the Community Partnerships Committee.

The Reference Group met on 24 November 2005 for the first time to develop the terms of reference and discuss a methodology for the study. The Group has determined that the scoping study will run in two phases:

Phase 1 – a call for submissions until the end of January 2006 in order to solicit information.

The call for submissions will be made soon to interested individuals and organisations. The Reference Group is particularly interested in hearing from a broad range of voices.

Deborah Mills has joined the scoping study team to develop a discussion paper that will examine the goals and objectives of supporting art for and with communities, and will provide a broad assessment of current achievements, gaps and challenges.

This discussion paper will be distributed to the field in early February 2006 to assist in Phase 2 of the scoping study.

Phase 2 – consultations with the sector in February and early March 2006.

The Australia Council anticipates making the scoping study’s final report public in mid 2006, following consideration of its findings and recommendations.

Terms of reference

The aim of the scoping study is to propose to the Australia Council directions for the support and development of creative communities, and in particular to:

  1. Define the goals and objectives of supporting art for and with communities.
  2. Provide a broad assessment of current achievements, gaps and challenges.
  3. Identify the emerging trends and needs for creative communities.
  4. Develop a policy framework for creative communities.
  5. Consider the role of the Australia Council in supporting and developing creative communities:
    1. within Community Partnerships
    2. with and between the boards and committees of the Council
    3. with key organisations and CCD infrastructure.
  6. Consider potential partnerships with the spheres of governments, and major non-government organisations.
  7. Propose possible sustainable, strategies and actions.
  8. Consider ongoing mechanisms for communication and relationships between the Australia Council and the sector.

Note: the scoping study reference group has adopted a working term of ‘creative communities’ to encapsulate the broad spectrum of arts and cultural development activity in and with communities across Australia.

Reference group

The reference group for the scoping study oversees the process, direction and content for the study, and has an advisory rather than decision-making role.

The reference group is convened by Anne Dunn and comprises Marty Cunningham, Norm Horton, Adam Lewis, Ken Lloyd, Gemma Pepper and Frank Panucci (Director Strategic Development, Community Partnerships).



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