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Australia Council for the Arts has appointed Timothy O’Loughlin as the inaugural chair of its new Community Partnerships Committee.

This follows Mr O’Loughlin’s appointment to the Australia Council’s governing body for a three-year term as a community interest representative, announced this week by the Federal Minister for the Arts and Sport, Senator Rod Kemp.

Australia Council’s chairman, Mr David Gonski AO, said that as chair of the Community Partnerships Committee, Tim would lead the organisation’s vital work with community cultural development, disability, youth, education and regional development.

‘The Council values Tim’s understanding and first-hand experience of the challenges that face Australian communities and the positive role that the arts can play in their development,’ said Mr Gonski.

‘I warmly welcome him to the Australia Council and look forward to working with him as we encourage all Australians to participate in, and to value the arts in their lives.’

Mr O’Loughlin brings to the Community Partnerships Committee and the Council experience in cultural development policy, and community capacity building and its relationship to the provision of government services and infrastructure.

He also has experience in affordable housing policy and whole-of-government solutions to social and economic issues.

For example, in his recent role as chief executive, South Australian Department of Transport and Urban Planning, Mr O’Loughlin developed urban regeneration plans for areas of social disadvantage within metropolitan Adelaide.

He helped establish the South Australian-based Windmill Theatre Company as the first national children’s company in Australia, and is formerly executive director, Arts SA, chair of the State Opera of South Australia, and a member of the Symphony Australia Board.

Mr O’Loughlin is currently a senior executive within the South Australian Public Service and a board member of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Following Mr O’Loughlin’s appointment, the Australia Council will finalise membership of its Community Partnerships Committee, the Scoping Study Reference Group, and the Interim Community Cultural Development Assessment Committee, which will assess applications made to the community cultural development grant programs.



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