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The Australian Centre of Virtual Art (ACVA) is pleased to announce the launch of ACVA Lab 2010.

ACVA Lab is a forward thinking initiative to promote the pioneering work of Australian artists and technologists using virtual world platforms as a medium.

ACVA is looking for up to 10 Australian artists working in virtual art, hybrid art, net art, augmented reality, and real-time audio-visual 3D environments to attend the workshop. The Lab is part of an ongoing project that continues through 2010 with a secondary series of online workshops to be mentored, hosted and promoted by ACVA throughout the year.

ACVA Lab advances the development of artistic networks, prototypes and exchange with its central question:ìWhat could a virtual art lab be if it was imagined by artists for artists?î

ACVA Lab is supported by Australian Council for the Arts and will run a three-day intensive workshop in Melbourne in February 2010. Speakers and facilitators include:

  • Adam Nash (internationally recognised as one of the most influential artists working virtual environments)
  • Christopher Dodds (artist, designer and director of leading digital marketing firm Icon.Inc)
  • Greg More (artist, designer and director of digital environment consultancy – OOM Creative, and lecturer at RMIT University)
  • Dr Melinda Rackham (Adjunct Professor at RMIT and ex- ANAT Director)
  • Kate Richards (new media artist, producer and lecturer in Convergent Media at University of Western Sydney)
  • Dr Justin Clemens (writer, art-critic and lecturer at Melbourne University)
  • Fee Plumley (Digital Program Officer with Australia Council for the Arts)
  • Troy Innocent (artist and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Design at Monash University)
  • Plus additional presentations from leading new media artists.

The Lab is now open for submissions from artists to participate.

Information about ACVA and an overview of the Lab can be found on ACVA’s site:

Submissions close on the 8th of January 2010.

For further information please contact:

Christopher Dodds

Phone: 0412 517 795




Brianna Roberts


(02) 9215 9030


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