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Kathryn Gray: Arts Leaders Program

Dec 10, 2018

Kathryn Gray strives to enable creativity, connection and growth with purpose-driven business. To help cultivate creative resilience and impact with entrepreneurial frameworks, Kathryn founded Enabling Enterprise. 


What attracted you to the Leadership Program?

I have long admired the leadership and capacity building programs offered by the Australia Council. I gladly invest in my development to make a difference across cultural, business and community sectors, and recognised this great opportunity to up level as a leader and within a leading cohort.

What does leadership in the arts mean to you?

Leadership in the arts can mean so many things to different leaders and situations. However I believe vision, audacity, ability to be part of making extraordinary things happen, and authentic connections with audiences and diverse stakeholders are all essential.

Why do you think it is important to develop Arts Leaders?

We need great leaders to cultivate our arts ecosystem, co-create excellence and understanding within and beyond our field of expertise, and make a bigger impact in on local, national and international stages. Personally, in growing as a leader I am frequently asking WHY – why is this important, inspiring, excellent, or whatever the meaningful measure at hand – and what is at stake? I believe such clarity is invaluable for leaders, along with the strategies and stories we grow with, and enriches arts, culture and communities more broadly.


Kathryn supports inspiring organisations and entrepreneurs – across arts practice and cultural production, nonprofit and profit-for-purpose ventures – to hone strategy and storytelling towards their vision. Kathryn draws on diverse experience within arts, community, education and business sectors; with program and project delivery; and governance and funding programs. Valuing the vibrancy and interconnectedness of our regional communities, she has relished living and working in Queensland and remote Northern Territory, and is now based in Northern NSW. Kathryn has a Master of Fine Art from Sydney University and is now completing her MBA with Deakin University, having long been an artist and an interdisciplinary problem-solver.

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