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Kick Start Your Career: Ruby Langton-batty

Jan 14, 2014

The Early Career Artists and Producers (ECAP) team ask past ArtStart recipient Genevieve Trace how receiving the grant effected her practice and what’s in store from here.

What are you doing now?

2013 was a big year for me with the Brisbane Festival season and regional Queensland tour of my work Aurelian.  So currently I am putting the visual, audio and theatrical moment of Aurelian on paper as the script is being published by Drama Queensland in March 2014 alongside full video documentation of the performance, in-depth interviews with the key creatives and a full educational resource.  It is proving to be a challenge to write a script for a heavily media based work, created on layers upon layers of images and sound files.  But I am confident we will get there.  Aside from that I am in the planning stages of my next work, working with some of the key creatives from Aurelian and picking up some new creative friends on the way.

How did ArtStart allow you to do what you are doing today?

My Artstart year was about making connections with regional artists and organisations.  This was achieved by using the funds alongside the development of a work that ended up touring to regional Queensland.  The opportunity to visit regional centres to meet with artists and artsworkers before touring my own work to these centres allowed for a more informative dialogue.  As a performance artist it can be hard to convince artists who have never seen your work to collaborate with you.  The initial meetings I had with artists working in locations such as Mackay, Ayr, Townsville and Cairns gave the invitation to view my work on tour a stronger basis than if it had just come out of the blue.

This dialogue and the viewing of my work has instigated several artistic relationships tying me to the region I hope to serve alongside the metropolitan area of South-East Queensland where I currently reside. Additionally, the creation of my own website has been extremely beneficial, as an easily accessible online presence with visual and video documentation has helped explain my work far better than words alone.  This has proven invaluable in the creation of cross-regional collaborations with both artists, presenting bodies and venues.

What piece of advice would you give to yourself pre ArtStart application if you could?

Do not be afraid to think big when it comes to your goals.  Have a good look at yourself and what you want to achieve as an artist and then put it down in the application.  Be passionate about your craft and let that come through in your application.  The ArtStart funding is a great way for Oz Co to get to know you as an artist, so be articulate, passionate and open to possibility.

What’s the one piece of make or break advice would you give potential ArtStart applicants?

Allow your Artstart year to completely support your goals for your career.  This does not mean that you shouldn’t be responsive to opportunities that arise during the year.  Always get in contact with your project officer to chat through changes in direction as you take the year to really figure out what you want to achieve in your career.

 Lastly, finish the sentence, In five years I will have…

In five years I will have established myself as an independent maker who works with a community of artists and audiences who pan regional and metropolitan Australia.  The collaborations I undertake will always be the source of further development of my craft.  I will continue to learn from a wide variety of artists from all over Australia throughout my career, and these learnings will be supported by strong relationships with presenting bodies and venues Australia-wide.