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Kick Start Your Career: Ruby Langton-batty

Jan 17, 2014

The Early Career Artists and Producers (ECAP) team ask past ArtStart recipient Ruby Langton-Batty how receiving the grant effected her practice and what’s in store from here.

What are you doing now?

The most recent productions I’ve worked on are The Shadow King by Michael Kantor for The Malthouse and Coranderrk by Issac Drandic for Belvoir. I am currently working on Black Diggers by Wesley Enoch for the Sydney Festival, and have several offers for next year.

How did ArtStart allow you to what you are doing today?

Receiving the ArtStart grant was a huge increase in my personal and artistic confidence, which I am certain has contributed to the increase of employment since then. I feel that receiving ArtStart encouraged theatre makers to trust in my abilities as an artist and designer. It has also resulted in extra exposure so that people who wouldn’t have otherwise now know about my work. I’ve been able to produce higher quality work with ease due to ArtStart facilitating access to much needed resources.

What’s the one piece of make or break advice would you give potential ArtStart applicants?

I would tell potential ArtStart applicants to make sure they contact the Australia Council as much as they can to get advice to how to fill in the application. That is what they are there for – their help was invaluable.

Lastly a finish this sentence, In five years I will be…

In the next 5 years I will continue to work towards becoming a recognised production designer. I hope that I continue to receive the kind of opportunities that have allowed me to explore my practice both on a personal and artistic level.