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Sanaz Fotouhi

Sep 13, 2017

Author Sanaz Fotouhi is the general manager at Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Inc. (APWT), an association for writers, literary translators, publishers, and others interested in promoting writing from the Asia Pacific region. The organisation supports writers’ careers, assisting with skills development and the international promotion of members’ creative work.

Sanaz was awarded a $17,500 Career Development grant to learn from outgoing APWT director Jane Camens, as well as to attend relevant festivals, gatherings, and conferences nationally and internationally. These activities helped Sanaz develop new networks, ideas, and further develop in her role at APWT.

A writing workshop with Robin Hemley at APWT’s ninth annual gathering in China

Sanaz says writing grant applications helps refine ideas and frameworks, and helps a concept to take shape.  She has been writing grant applications, including Australia Council ones, for a decade or so, and knew from previous conversations with Australia Council staff that she had a strong Career Development application.

Sanaz’s application combined a structured approach to her own career development with the succession planning of a unique literature organisation. Sanaz has a substantial track record as a writer and event manager, and has the full support of APWT, whose annual writers’ summit is an important event in the Asia Pacific literary calendar.

‘This grant has given me the opportunity to grow in my role as the new General Manager, and also in my own networks globally,’ says Sanaz. ‘It’s allowed me to travel to literary festivals in Jaipur and Washington DC, and I’m also attending festivals in  Macau and Indonesia, so I’m meeting new people and building on networks.’

This year’s APWT event will be hosted by the Ganesha University of Education, in Bali. The full program of events is available here.