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Virtual experiences and real world connections

Dec 17, 2019

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Virtual Reality Project 2018.

Digital technology is transforming the nature of arts engagement, enabling more Australians to experience the arts in increasingly interconnected ways – growing rather than diminishing arts audiences.

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Encore in VR (virtual reality) project is breaking ground by providing a totally immersive orchestral experience outside of a concert. In 2018, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra worked with VR technology provider Jumpgate, SA Health’s Office for the Ageing and 14 community centres across South Australia to enable older members of the community to reconnect with their love of live music through VR.

Participants saw and heard the music as if they were sitting in the middle of the orchestra.

Any apprehension around the new technology dissolved once the music started, and conversation about the music with volunteers built social connections and capital from the virtual experience.

The ASO is an MPA company embracing VR as part of the new frontier in audience outreach and community engagement.