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Longitudinal study of early career artists

Dec 01, 2013


The Australia Council longitudinal study of early career artists aimed to better understand the career development of artists and the impact of receiving an Australia Council grant.

The research explores these areas by measuring direct grant impacts, career perceptions and development, and time spent on creative practice and income earned from creative practice.

About the research

We commissioned Urbis, an independent interdisciplinary consulting firm to conduct the longitudinal research. In 2010, we surveyed early career artists that had applied for a grant in 2008-2010, and followed them for a further two years (2011 and 2012).

The research design compares those who have received Australia Council grants and those who have not. This allows us to better understand the impact of Australia Council grants.

This research included applicants to a number of grants specific to early career artists – include ArtStart, JUMP, Splendid, ARI grants, and Creative Residencies and Commissions. ArtStart grant recipients were of particular focus as they were the only group with enough respondents to analyse in a statistically reliable way.