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Creative Connections: Session 25

Going Digital: Copyright And Licensing

Guest panelist:

Elliott Bledsoe Copyright Officer, Australian Digital Alliance.


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About This Episode

What are the copyright regulations that we need consider when we create and use digital content?

Before we start uploading and streaming content online, it is important to have a good understanding of the legal and copyright requirements for both users and creators. Do we know our rights and limitations? What are the standards we need to follow? In some cases, copyright royalties will need to be paid, and digital platforms assume ownership – we need to be aware of our rights and responsibilities. This session will provide an overview of the key copyright considerations for the digital space.

The session will outline the key peak bodies and organisations that provide support for artists, organisations and users around copyright and legal regulations.

About The Series

Creative Connections is an online webinar series for the cultural and arts sectors and will offer practical, accessible and useful content delivered by industry experts on key topics and emerging themes.

The series is focused around the theme of adaptation, and sessions will explore digital adaptation, leadership adaptation and arts practice adaptation. Sessions will be facilitated by experts in specific topic areas, with over thirty sessions available.

Elliott Bledsoe

Elliott Bledsoe has made a career out helping artists and arts organisations publish, play, post, tweet and trend. My skills areas include copyright, marketing, software and hardware. I am the Director of Agentry, a communications micro-consultancy focused on small-to-medium arts organisations and I work with Feral Arts on Arts Front. I have held marketing and content positions with the Queensland Writers Centre, ABC RN, the Australia Council for the Arts, Regional Arts Australia and others. I am also the part-time Copyright Officer for the Australian Digital Alliance and the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee. And I am the Co-Lead of the Australian Creative Commons Chapter.